Name: Zhane

Gender: Male

Age: 18 (16 mentally due to 2 years of cryogenic sleep)

Fandom: Power Rangers in Space

Journal: zhany_silver

Typist: Wil

Quick Biography

Zhane was born on the planet KO-35, and like Andros and Karone, possesses telekinesis. Before the attack on his homeworld, Zhane was given the powers of the Silver Space Ranger. When he was seriously wounded in battle, Andros kept him cryogenically frozen aboard the Astro Megaship.

During the series, Power Rangers in Space, Zhane was released from a cryogenic chamber which kept him alive and joined the current team of Power Rangers. Because of the freezing process he developed a condition which only allowed him to remain morphed as the Silver Ranger for a short period of time (2 and a half minutes). In order to fix this he had to be recharged by being struck by lightning. He confided this to Alpha 6, and when the other Rangers overheard the two of them talking, they wrongly assumed that Zhane was going to die. Zhane took great pleasure in perpetuating this belief, since the other Rangers were bending over backwards to 'take care of him', until the truth was finally revealed, in which the other Rangers forced him to make for it by doing their chores.

He developed a crush on Astronema and she on him when he rescued her from one of her own monsters. They tried to form a relationship, but due to a misunderstanding, it did not work. He also formed a close friendship with the Yellow Ranger, Ashley Hammond, causing Andros to become jealous of him.


Standing tall at 5'11, fit and relatively broad-shouldered. Zhane has blond, almost platinum hair and usually sports a smug smile.


Zhane is generally noble and well-intentioned, though he can be overbearing and somewhat of an ass. He gets frustrated when he can't get involved in things that he (sometimes mistakenly) considers are His Business, and is generally a little too self-assured for his own good. He's also not as mature as he looks, can be an ass, would be prone to pranks and otherwise other annoying things. All in all, though, he's not a bad kid - he just needs to grow up a little.


  • Family: None.
  • Lovers: Has been Wendla Bergmann.
  • Score card (People they snogged without dating): He kissed Claire Bennet, once.
  • Friends: Andros, Warren Peace, Genie , Shilo, Iggy.
  • Enemies: None so far.
  • Allies: Open to suggestions!
  • Affiliations (to a particular group, of origin, or not): The DSers .

RP Canon

At the Hotel

Mostly, has been reunited with Andros with much glee at the Hotel and spent much time trying to fix his zord. He had an ill-advised crush on Claire Bennet and even kissed her and cuddled her once, until he got supplanted by Dean Winchester, much to his chagrin. Zhane later transplanted to the Mansion during a test flight.

In 2010

So far, his greatest accomplishments are getting Wendla out of a blizzard and eventually dating her steady. He also found Braille books for Iggy. He also thinks that Nellas is a fiction of Iggy's imagination, and has met Alphonse, who both beffudled and endeared him.

Iggy, Andros and Zhane were on the way to organizing a go-kart event for the summer, but somehow everyone got distracted, or something.

Other encounters in the year 2010 include:

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