Zachry Bailey

Name: Zachry Bailey

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Fandom: Cloud Atlas

Journal: no-kona-fodder

Typist: Wil

Quick Biography

Zachry is a Valleysman from Big I, in Ha-Why, a post-apocalyptic future where mot of human civilization (Civ'lize) has been destroyed, and humanity is returned to pre-iron age techonology, to the exception of Prescient I, which is the last bastion of the extremely advanced society that pre-dated the Fall.

When he was eight, Zachry witnessed his father's murder and his brother's abduction at the hand of the Kona, a potentially cannibal tribe on Big I. Now the man of the house, he is faced, at 16, with the unwanted presence of a Prescient visitor, Meronym. Wary at first, he ends up cutting a deal with the technologically advanced woman when his little sister Catkin gets accidentally and lethally poisoned. He eventually serves as her guide up the dreaded mountain Mauna Kea, where he faces his fears, the demonic figure of Old Georgie, and learns the truth about his world's past, the Fall, and [[Sonmi-451|Somni]] . He and Meronym return to the Valley and join his clan for the yearly barter in Honokaa. There, a mass massacre is perpetrated by the Kona, but with Meronym's help, he escapes slavery (and potentially worse) and gets a solitary, grim fresh start.

Physical Abilities

What Zachry lacks in training, he makes up for in survival instinct. He's strong and toned for a vanilla human, and most determined to survive. He's also a good goatherd (loves'm goats, is the true true) and a passable sneak.

Superhuman Abilities

Zach is actually from a strange canon in which it's not sure whether there is magic or hallucinations going on, so typist originally didn't really put anything on his profile in the special abilities section due to that artistic vagueness, but then thought maybe she should indicate that he can see deities that are normally invisible, like Jack Frost, or Ryuk, whether by virtue of dubious sanity or undiagnosed psychic ability, we dunno, as we said, canon is rather vague in that respect.

Unusual or Magical Possessions

An egg that can summon a blue-ghost girl that speaks "in presh Old Un tongue that no und'stands nor never will, nay."


Young, a body toned by hard work and much survival fitness. Eyes that are intelligent and calculating, a mouth twisted and wary, but capable of earnest smiles.


Zachry is a crafty, cunning youth. He doesn't know much, but what the knows, he knows well. He is very protective of those close to him, desirous of young women his age, loyal to a fault to his friends and family. He can also lie, cheat, and be cowardly, and tends to dialogue with his inner demons, which are embodied by the iconic figure of Old Georgie. Devout to the goddess of the Valleysman, Somni, and wary of the Prescients (and therefore anyone technologically advanced.)


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RP Canon

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