Yukio Washimine

Name: Yukio Washimine

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Fandom: Black Lagoon

Journal: aboveallpride

Typist: Pashchan

Quick Biography

Born into a (relatively) normal life, Yukio was a High School Senior and worked part-time at a booth with a loyal family employee, Ginji. However, there was a darker truth to her life, she was the daughter of the head of the Washimine Group, they were Yakuza. Recently, he group had fell out of power since their leader died, and were embroiled in their own small skirmishes for power. The group decided to turn the tides and hire 'outside help', the Russian Mafia. (Their ambassador was Balalaika, a rather huge mistake on the groups part.) However, the ambassador (who was rather ambitious and power hungry) decided to take it all over. (Including the Washimine Group, the people that brought her and the mafia in.) The groups leader was killed in battle, leaving Yukio next in line in power in midst of the chaos. Despite protests, she took her place and went to war with Hotel Moscow.

While she did show some leadership capabilities, luck and experience was not on her side. (She had to deal with gang members that were either scattered, out of town, or mutinous, and honestly didn't have enough experience with the criminal underworld to deal with Balalaika.) The only good thing was her family employee, Ginji. (Who during the groups glory days, was a legendary enforcer with *REALLY* epic sword skills, cutting bullets in freakin' half anyone?) Sadly, even he wasn't enough. When Ginji died, rather than become Hotel Moscow's lackey, she took her own life. Sadly, she died before reinforcements could come from Kyoto.

Physical Abilities

Not much, her real powers are her brains and her ability to lead. Can hold a gun though.

Superhuman Abilities


Unusual or Magical Possessions

Might come with Ginji's sword. (Which she used to commit suicide.) But no Ginji.


Rather average in terms of being a Japanese girl. Petite, long straight dark hair, brown eyes framed in glasses, has a mole on the right side of her mouth. PB is Yukie Nakama, since icons are really hard to find of her Anime Counterpart.


The best way to describe Yukio is the trope 'Honor Before Reason'. She never deviates from her principles and morals, even when the situation tells that it's not such a good idea. (Although mind you, that got her dead last time.) She has a bit of wild streak. (Girl is Yakuza, and she showed enjoyment from being on the run with Ginji.) Aside from that, she's an intelligent, friendly girl that loves to read philosophy books.


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RP Canon

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