Will Treaty

Name: Will Treaty

Gender: Male

Age: 20ish

Fandom: Ranger's Apprentice

Journal: caniaskyouaqstn

Typist: momentsplinter

Quick Biography

Will grew up an orphan and a ward of Castle Redmont. When he was young he longed to become a knight; he believed that his father had been a great knight, although he had no memory of him. When he was old enough, Will requested a place in Battleschool to be trained as a knight, but was turned down because of his small size. Will was afraid no one would take him on as an apprentice, that he would end up being given away to a farming family, and spend the rest of his days doing repetitive, back-breaking work, sowing seeds and ploughing fields. As it turned out, Halt, one of the kingdom's senior and most respected Rangers, saw promise in him and decided to take him on as an apprentice Ranger.

Rangers were servants of the kingdom, and answered only to the king himself. Each fief in the kingdom was assigned its own Ranger, who reported back to the king, was in charge of making sure everything was good and well in his assigned area of the kingdom, and solving any problems that might arise. They were highly skilled and trained in many different areas, sometimes being sent on diplomatic missions or leading armies. Members of the public had an awed respect for Rangers. Some feared them, and some even believed they possessed some sort of magic, due to their ~legendary skills~, and the fact most of their activities were shrouded in secrecy. They were known for their uncanny accuracy with a bow, their uncanny ability to move silently and remain unseen, their ability to find solutions to problems others would deem unsolvable, and the ~trust~ placed in them by the king. Will soon discovered that the ~legendary skills~ of the Rangers were acquired through many hours of grueling practice. He spent the next five years training under Halt, practicing, and going on ~adventures~.

Finally, his apprenticeship was over, and his skills were ~uncanny~ enough for him to become a fully-fledged Ranger, with his own fief to look after. In his days as an apprentice and a Ranger he has helped save the kingdom from invasion at least twice, overthrown a fake religious cult, helped to bring about a peace treaty (hence his surname), and gone other such ~adventures~. He is a very good shot with his bow, is adept at ~silent and unseen movement~, and has all sorts of other amazing Rangery skills.

Physical Abilities
  • Super duper good at archery
  • Super duper good at throwing knives
  • Super duper good at ~silent and unseen~ movement
Superhuman Abilities


Unusual or Magical Possessions
  • Longbow and quiver
  • Two knives: his throwing knife and his saxe knife
  • Strikers, aka heavy brass weapons you use for hitting people in the head


Will is a little on the small side (pun intended). He's short and slim, and probably wouldn't be very threatening if he didn't have his bow, quiver, and knives with him (which he does, 99% of the time). He is still young, not much older than twenty, with brown hair and dark eyes. He can usually be seen wearing his ~special Ranger cloak~, patterned with mottled grey and green for camouflage, sometimes with his face hidden beneath its cowl. He may be seen riding his trusty Ranger steed, Tug. Tug is a shaggy little horse, not much more than a pony, but is surprisingly fast and hardy for his size. Most of the time Will will also be followed around by his dog, a young, energetic border collie pup named Ebony.


Will is determined and resourceful, with a reputation as a thinker and a planner. He's curious, and often bombards his mentor with annoying questions. He's good at solving problems and being smrt (essential qualities in a Ranger). He is also an ~honest~, ~moral~, and ~loyal~ person (also good qualities in a Ranger).

Will is cheerful and enthusiastic. He smiles a lot. He's friendly, has an easy manner with people, and is very loyal to his friends. He's easygoing most of the time (though sometimes partial to a bit of sarcasm), unless you hurt/seriously insult his friends (which include his horse and his dog). Actually, it's probably better not to hurt anybody while Will is around, because he won't stand for it.


  • Family:
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  • Score card (People they snogged without dating):
  • Friends: Eddard Stark, Delilah Rose Johnson, Falkor, Brienne. The typist has a feeling there are more who she is forgetting.
  • Enemies:
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  • Affiliations (to a particular group, of origin, or not):

RP Canon

he dun have any yet

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