Wilhelmina Benedict

Name: Wilhelmina Benedict

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Fandom: Black Jewels Trilogy



Quick Biography

Wilhelmina Benedict is the oldest daughter of Philip Alexander and half-sister to Jaenelle Angelline. She grew up in much the same conditions, though it was always Jaenelle who protected Wilhelmina, instead of the other way around. After Jaenelle vanished, Robert Benedict began to harass Wilhelmina and she fled to Kaeleer to find her sister. Instead, she arrived at the Mansion.


She has long, wavy black hair, a pretty but rather delicate face, large blue eyes, and she is built tall and willowy, more lanky than her sister. She's pretty enough, but it's offset by a nearly constantly nervous expression, her eyes wide and frightened. When she smiles, however, she is as beautiful as everyone.


Wilhelmina is nearly always apologizing for something. She's used to being downtrodden and lonely, and she automatically defers to anyone. However, she has a backbone, no matter how much she's buried it, and can be fierce, albeit in a different way than the more notorious witches. She is very loyal and affectionate, almost to the point of being clingy, and tends to be a dreamer. While she may seem rather distant, she loves company, just has difficulty overcoming her natural reticence to talk. When pushed, though, she has a stubborn streak as wide as her sister and can resemble her remarkably at times.

RP Canon

She has a friend, Pandora, and a boyfriend, Cyrano de Bergerac. So far, she's managed to stay out of trouble.

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