Warren Worthington III

Name: Warren Worthington III

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Fandom: X-men 3: The Last Stand



Quick Biography

Son of Warren Worthington II, CEO of Worthington Industries, creator of the "Mutant Cure." His father is virulently anti-mutant, and when white wings began to sprout from Warren's back when he was eleven he tried to cut and file them off. He's spent his entire life since hiding the wings and has become a bit paranoid about people discovering them. His father had him first in line to receive the "cure" that would rid him of the wings forever, but at the last moment Warren changed his mind about losing his wings and escaped by throwing himself through a high window in his father's Alcatraz Island facilty and flying cross-country toward the Xavier Institute, which he'd heard was a safe place for mutants.


6' tall, blond, blue-eyed, white feathers, 16' wingspan. He's also very muscular from using (and even just carrying) those enormous wings.


His father's dislike for mutants has led for a lot of problems for his son, that and the public fear of mutants left him with a sense of self-loathing that was difficult to shake. He was quiet and reserved from spending so much time hiding what he was from everyone as best he could, but he loved flying and when he was faced with the prospect of becoming 'normal' and losing his mutant appendages and abilities forever he couldn't do it. In his time after fleeing San Francisco, finding that the people in the strange places he'd found himself didn't seem to care about his being a mutant (and in fact thought the wings were pretty cool) he's opened up a bit, gaining a great deal of self-confidence as well.


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RP Canon

Arrived: Nov. 11th, 2006
He was very disconcerted to find himself on a hotel on an island when he'd been flying over the continental United States trying to get to upstate New York, and for a while he felt paranoid and tried to hide what he was from everyone. A certain Dr. House was there and was determined to investigate the paranoid young man and find out what was 'wrong' with him, once he learned about the wings he was instrumental in convincing Warren that the wings were pretty awesome and that he shouldn't hide them. They became an unlikely pair of friends. An unfortunate encounter with a device called "The Pacifier" left him a young boy once again, setting him back to just after he'd chopped off his own wings, and once again House helped him out (and patched him up). Another time, an unpleasant little boy with a talent for wishing people away into cornfields set the wings on fire with his mind, fortunately they are more resilient than one might expect and healed quickly. He was out flying around the circumference of the Hotel's island one day when he learned that it extended farther than it had before, and found himself at a strange Mansion.

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