Warren Peace

Name: Warren Peace

Gender: Male

Age: 23 (16 when he first arrived)

Fandom: Sky High

Journal: notavillain

Typist: Meg

Quick Biography

Son of a Superheroine and the notorious Supervillain Barron Battle. Barron Battle was defeated by the popular Superhero The Commander (Steven Stronghold), and has been in solitary confinement since Warren was six. Ever since he has been withdrawn and distrustful, especially at school when he's around so many other Supers who know about his father. He works at his grandparents' Chinese resturant, the Paper Lantern, bussing tables and washing dishes. He speaks fluent Cantonese. When Will Stronghold, son of The Commander, began going to Sky High things got off to a rocky start (if by rocky you mean fireballs and a trashed cafeteria), and things only got more complicated when Will's childhood friend Layla talked Warren into taking her to the Homecoming dance in order to make Will jealous. At the Homecoming dance the school was attacked by Royal Pain (another Supervillain previously defeated by The Commander) and her henchmen, Warren helped Layla and her friends escape the cafeteria before they could be hit by Royal Pain's ray gun (the Pacifier, which turned people into babies), and helped Layla defeat Royal Pain's henchmen while their sidekick friends kept the flying school from crashing into the city and Will took out Royal Pain. Somehow, after the dust settled, Warren Peace and Will Stronghold ended up becoming best friends.

Warren is a Pyrokinetic, he can create and control fire. This usually manifests as flames coming from his fists, he can control the fire to create something as small as a candle flame from a fingertip, to flames covering his arms and most of his upper body. He can also fling fireballs, and he has excellent aim. Unconfirmed but probable is some degree of increased durability, he isn't quite invulnerable but he has been thrown through walls and into pillars by the superstrong Will Stronghold, breaking them with his body, and getting up again a moment later seeming no worse for the wear.


Tall, dark and brooding. More specifically, black hair with red streaks and flames tattooed in red around his wrists. Tends to wear black and red, especially a battered leather jacket that may have been his father's.


Quiet, hides a slight shyness behind a growly, prickly persona. Is an outcast from most of the school population due to his parentage, he is considered dangerous and scary by most of his peers. People wonder when he's going to snap and follow his father into solitary, but he's determined to prove them wrong. He has trouble geting along or opening up with people, he always assumes that they assume the worst, but because of their annoying stubbornness he was dragged (almost literally) kicking and screaming into the rest of the world by Will Stronghold, Layla and company, who have now become his friends despite his best efforts. He's more relaxed in familiar settings where there aren't many Supers.

Having been first at the hotel and now at the mansion for over three years, he's mellowed considerably. Being in places where no one knows or cares about his father helped. It also helps that he's a little older and more mature now. He's still fairly quiet and reserved, but he's also friendlier than he ever was back home.


RP History

Sep. 4th, 2006
Warren found his abrupt arrival into the middle of nowhere disorienting and unsettling at first (he'd been walking into the Mad Science classroom when suddenly the door led somewhere else), and slid straight back into his quiet and surly habits at first. Wil and Layla had paved the way, though, and were even around briefly in the early days, and he eventually found himself with a small group of friends around his own age. He didn't get along with all the residents as well, though: an encounter with Freddy Kreuger in the lobby led to him being chased through a nightmare and left with distinctive scars across his stomach (and a deep dislike for the Nightmare on Elm Street movies), and when Poison Ivy spotted him using a tree as a target for his fireballs she sprung a trap on him that left him ill from inhaling the smoke of burning poison ivy plants and his face covered with acid burns. Fortunately one of his newfound friends, Claire, had healing blood that was able to reverse the worst of the damage and he escaped without any serious scarring.

His closest friend among the young people at the Hotel, now Mansion, is Geneviève Émery, a young French girl who has since become his girlfriend. The gang back home would probably fall over in shock if they saw the two together. She had discovered him after the attack by Poison Ivy, and he returned the favor after she was attacked by Harley Quinn. They took a walk together at the hotel, and ended up at the Carpe mansion, much to their surprise (and distress as it was in the middle of winter and freezing).

At the mansion they ended up sharing a room, which only had one bed much to their awkwardness. This led to things happening, which led to a pregnancy scare. Fortunately it turned out that Genie wasn't pregnant, but they resolved to be more careful in the future. During an episode of magic running wild they both ended up as felines, Genie as a housecat and Warren as a big black panther, which caused much confusion when they changed back and had no idea how they ended up naked on the floor of their room. Later, Genie asked for his help setting up a dance for the teenagers of the mansion, and he made the snacks.

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