Vivien Harmon

Name: Vivien Harmon

Gender: Female

Age: Late forties (?)

Fandom: American Horror Story

Journal: rubberbaby_bump

Typist: Matrix Refugee

Quick Biography

Details of her early life are sketchy (yay, still-airing canon), but she likely had a relatively normal childhood and adolescence in the Boston, Massachusetts area (typist thinks she may have lived in Newton Upper Falls, a very nice semi-suburban town outside of Boston; also thinks her father may have left the family at some point, but doesn't think it was an acrimonious split). In one conversation, she mentions having had an affair with a married man when she was in college (possibly music college, as she is a cello player). At some point afterward, she met and married Ben Harmon, a promising young psychiatrist and gave birth to Violet. When their daughter was fifteen, Vivien found she was pregnant again, with a son; however, late in the pregnancy, the fetus failed to thrive and the child was still-born.

Following this, she began to pull away from her husband, adopting a Pomeranian-mix dog as a surrogate to fill the gap in her life. This, among other things, triggered Ben to pull away as well, eventually resulting in his having an affair with Hayden, a female student of his, and leading to Vivien walking in on them in media res.

In a bid to start over, the family pulled up stakes and moved to Los Angeles, settling in a 1925 Gothic Revival house with a checkered history and an oddball assortment of former inhabitants, neighbors and hangers-on — and spooks (yes, understatement much, Viv has little idea just how damn weird the house really is). During their first weeks in the house, Ben discovered a black rubber gimp-suit hanging from a rafter in the attic; Viv immediately told him to throw it away. It seemed as though the passion in their marriage may have rekindled, and one night, a male figure clad in the gimp suit approached Viv in their bedroom. Thinking it was Ben being funny, Viv let the figure make love to her (not knowing that Ben, in a house-induced fugue state, was wandering about the downstairs, naked. Yeah. It's a weird house and it will make you as cray-cray as everyone else that has lived there). Not long afterward, she discovered she was pregnant, eventually finding out she's carrying twins; but the question remains, who is the father of her children, Ben or the entity known as the Rubberman?

Physical Abilities:

Standard issue American upper-middle-class abilities: managing finances, can drive a car, not the best cook, if Constance's sniping about her microwaving meals has any weight to it. Also plays the cello fairly well (typist's personal canon: she was a second chair cello in the Boston Symphony Orchestra).

Superhuman Abilities:

None to speak of, unless one counts being a magnet for an incredible amount of weirdoes and spooks

Unusual or Magical Possessions:

None to speak of, unless it turns out that her twins really are some kind of weird demon spawn/changelings/nephillim/God and the gods only know what.


In her mid-to-late forties, medium height with fair skin, grey-blue eyes and red-gold hair that hangs slightly past her shoulders. Typical dresses in comfortable slacks and cowl-neck shirts.


Generally a nice, friendly person, but can be incredibly bitchy; if something is getting on her nerves, she will at best speak her mind, and at worst, fly off the handle (the latter likely due to wacky pregnancy hormones). Not the most stable person, but she has her Freudian Excuses. Generally a bit of an optimist in a push-things-aside sort of way. Can be a bit manipulative, not in a mean-spirited way, but more in a bid to protect herself.


  • Family: Violet Harmon (daughter), Ben Harmon (husband, estranged)
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RP Canon+++

(What's happened to them in previous RPs, and since they arrived here)

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