Victoria Grant

Name: Victoria Grant

Gender: Female

Age: Late twenties to mid-thirties

Fandom: Victor Victoria (1982)

Journal: dontyoubflatme

Typist: Jules

Quick Biography

In '30s Paris, there's a soprano who can't find work. After being rejected by a night club's owner (following a 'botched' audition), she finds herself desperate and starving, so she decides to scheme the planting of a cockroach in her food in order to get a free meal at a restaurant.

There happens her second encounter with Carroll 'Toddy' Todd, spending the night at his apartment after being drenched by rain. She finds out that he is a homosexual. The next morning, Victoria has to borrow some of his clothes, as her dress was destroyed by the rain; then Toddy has the brilliant idea to promote her as a man crossdressing as a woman, under the name of Count Victor Grazinski.

Her new persona becomes the toast of Paris, and money and fame assault the two business partners and friends. Enter King Marchand, a gangster from Chicago, who finds himself attracted by the presumably impersonated woman 'Victoria'. However, he discovers that the 'count' is indeed a woman, and they begin a passionate love affair.

Anyway, as Victoria wants to pursue her successful career, Marchand is forced to adjust to the idea that the public will believe he's in a relationship with a man, while his partner needs to figure out what she really wants in life - to continue being successful at any cost, or to give up and stay with her beloved.

Finally, Victor/Victoria is taken from the end of the movie, from amidst her psychological struggle to decide between career and personal life.

Physical Abilities

Victoria can sing (soprano), dance, act, and… impersonate. Her drama skills are mainly notable in how she manages to behave like a man (Count Victor), and how she fools the restaurant owners in Paris.

Superhuman Abilities

None, if you don't count managing to eat out for free.

Unusual or Magical Possessions


Victoria's PB is Julie Andrews. She's in her late twenties, tall enough for a woman of her time, slender, with a very expressive face and great cheekbones. She wears her hair short, its color is muddy brown to reddish, and her eyes are blue. Her ability to change her voice and manners helps her pass for a man.


Stubbornness, drive, determination and a stream of emotions are the traits that mark Victoria's personality, mostly. She can be trusted to keep a secret, and she's nice and helpful. Being independent and doing what she likes are things she very much wants from life.


  • Family: -
  • Lovers: -
  • Score card (People they snogged without dating): -
  • Friends: -
  • Enemies: -
  • Allies: -
  • Affiliations (to a particular group, of origin, or not): -

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