Victor Victoria


  • Blake Edwards


  • Julie Andrews
  • Robert Preston
  • James Garner
  • Lesley Anne Warren
  • Malcolm Jamieson


Brief Summary

In 1930's Paris, out of luck soprano, Victoria Grant, is befriended by fellow singer, Carole "Toddy" Todd. After a semi-successful scam to eat for free by putting a bug in her food, Victoria and Toddy escape in the rain to his apartment. When Toddy reveals he is gay, Victoria feels comfortable staying the night when her wet clothes shrink. The next morning, she's busy putting on his ex-lover's suit to go out and get money to pay her hotel bill and some medicine for Toddy, who has come down with a cold, when the ex, Richard DiNardo, returns. He calls Toddy names and Victoria punches him, sending him whining back to his new friends

Toddy decides to launch Victoria into a new career as a female impersonator. So "a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman" is the name of the game now for Victoria, now called Victor. The act is a wonderful success, attracting the attention of an American "businessman" King Marchand, who is very confused by his attraction to the "male" Victor.

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