Name: Magnus Valentia de Cartamandua-Celestine (Valen)

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Fandom: Lighthouse Duet by Carol Berg

Journal: cursed_bent

Typist: Meg

Quick Biography

Born to a Danae mother and a Pureblooded human father, Valen had no knowledge of his unusual heritage for most of his life. His entry was faked into the Pureblood registry, and he was raised as the son of the man who was actually his half-brother without ever being told the truth about his parentage. His family loathed him, and his real father grew more mad every day, and through desperation Valen managed to escape the city and live twelve years in the countryside, doing whatever work would pay. When he was 27 he took a bad arrow wound to the leg and was rescued by a young novice monk from the Gillarme Abbey, where he found himself caught up in a mystery of the End Times and a plot to save the world.

Physical Abilities

Valen is physically very strong, and he's had some experience in a lot of different physical trades, such as soldier and construction worker. He's okay in a fight due to that strength and soldiering experience, but he doesn't consider himself particularly good at it because he didn't learn from an early age. He's also skilled with maps and an excellent dancer.

On the other hand, he can't read. At all. Because of this he's developed a quick and accurate memory.

Superhuman Abilities

Due to his heritage, Valen is able to do magic. His particular 'bent' as it's called is focused on cartography, the talent of the Cartamandua line. He never learned to use it very well, so while he can find a path anywhere and never gets lost, he can't do a lot else. His strengths are picking locks and creating minor illusions, things he developed in childhood as was of escaping his house.

Unusual or Magical Possessions

There might be a spelled half-mask tucked away somewhere, but the magic in it is only enough to keep it attached to one's face. To Valen's face in particular, because that's who it was made to fit. He likely carries a knife as well.


Tall and pale, with curly dark hair and dark eyes. Well out of the norm for Purebloods, who are typically much shorter, with darker complexions and straight hair. He also has the long, straight nose typical of purebloods. The differences, though, are because he is only half a pureblood, and half human at that. The height, and pallor are the legacy of his Danae mother, as are the glowing blue gards traced over nearly every inch of his skin. Most notable and noticable is the gryphon marking his face, neck and shoulder.


Far more good-natured than he has any right to be after the life he's led, but that's not a bad thing. He hasn't truely cared for many people in his life, but he's fiercely loyal to those he does, and when he gives his word on a thing he keeps to it no matter what.


RP Canon

Arrived: Apr. 21st, 2008
Canon Updated: May. 10th, 2008
He's admittedly dating Locke Lamora and friends with Anita Blake, whom he helped through her lycanthrope shift. He got crackplotted back to childhood (he got on famously with Locke and almost made Anita cry), and then to his teenage years where he shagged Felix Harrowgate, also similarly crackplotted. He also got sent down the drain for a night with Morgoth's evil storm crackplot.

Returned: Mar. 1st, 2010
Valen stumbled back into the Mansion after a prolonged without the telltale Danae guards, not remembering his previous visits to the mansion, and as far as he knew it was still several weeks until his birthday at the Solstice. This was the source of much confusion for Locke and Anita, who immediately recognized him. Although he didn't remember them or the mansion, he did find them and the place strangely and strongly familiar.

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