Name: Sir Tristan of Loonois

Gender: Male

Age: mid 20s

Fandom: Arthurian Legend

Journal: tricky_bowman

Typist: Wil

Quick Biography

Initially designated as the Heir to the throne of Cornwall, Tristan killed the Morholt in Ireland, conquered Isolde for his uncle Marc'h of Cornwall by killing a dragon, drank an unfortunate love potion which led to a lot of Baron wankery and adulterous angst. He managed to have a secret affair with Queen Isolde for a year, until an unfortunate incident involving flour and blood from a hunting wound condemned him to being burnt at the stake, and Isolde to being given to the lepers. He escaped his guards, jumped off a cliff, survived and saved the queen, only to go live with her in the woods for 2 other years. The potion's effect eventually died and he handed her over to her husband at the Mal Pas, in the guise of a leper. He fooled both his uncle and King Arthur into not recognizing him, and was banished from court - and then he showed up at the Mansion.


Tall, auburn-haired, handsome young man, of a lithe built, dressed in a ranger's gear rather than in heavy field armor. PB is Orlando Bloom. With facial hair, what.


A trickster of high morals, he only betrayed his honor by the virtue of the magic wine. Sir Tristan is a god-fearing man who feels he has done terrible things in the name of love, yet he cannot stop loving Isolde, and is unable to desire another woman.


RP Canon

2013 update

Tristan - lost his dragon and is VERY SAD. He also has a wife who showed up? But he keeps on forgetting she exists. <.< He's also being v. chivalrous to Iphigenia, because it is THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

In 2011

Tristan's life in 2011 returned under the sign of mourning as Isolde disappeared. Thankfully, he had friends to help him deal… and foes to distract him. Specifically:

He also greeted Catherine Morland, which was sweet as they shared a meal together. Then his wife showed up , and he was completely bemused by the situation as he doesn't recall ever getting married. This was made more dramatic by the fact that Iskierka is a jealous girlfriend.

Also, he greeted Morgana, which led to much confusion on everyone's part, and Sybel seems to be getting an interest in trying to help him heal. We're not sure how well that's going to go.

At Ye New Place (2010)

Tristan was much of a hermit for quite some time - he met Iskierka and shot some arrows at her when she arrived, but then realized that she was in fact much less vicious than the dragons he was used to. For sometime, he wandered and lived in the woods, staying carefully away from the evil puppies . That is how he ended up finding shelter in Iskierka's cave during the storm which Ariel 's magic had conjured, and more or less became fond of her. It was in that timeframe that he met Icarus , whom he assisted by killing a bear for Nellas ' benefit. He got wounded in the process, and was assisted by Sybel , who has used compulsion on him out of boredom.

Then Isolde arrived, and Tristan gave up his hermit and solitary ways in oder to be present for her at the Mansion. Much angsting later, he and her resumed their romance and are, for better or for worse, much in love with one another. Isolde has requested that he find her a cottage, and much of his time has been spent on that mission, along with helping his newfound friend Parsifal build his chapel… until…

Iskierka acquired a harness and ended up offering Tristan a ride. It was imprudent of them to do so, but they remained out after sunset, and ended up having a confrontation with Morgoth , much to Iskierka's delight. Tristan got wounded in the process, and after a rather heated meeting between the dragon and his lover, got the medical assistance he needed. It was agreed that Iskierka would remain with the couple when they would make their new home, with a pavilion built just for her. In the process of their post-confrontation hanging out, Tristan and Iskierka had several complex conversation, with Armand St. Just, Maedhros, Nellas, Asato Tsuzuki, Icarus and Asato.

Eventually, Tristan more or less healed from his wounds and then got talked into adopting Duck by a much maternally-eager Isolde.

Further interactions include (not in chronological order):

  • Meeting up with Agravain, which can not end well.
  • Meeting Aramat, though he doesn't know of her connection to Isolde.
  • Through a difficult, eventually developing a friendship of sorts with Asato Tsuzuki.
  • Being possibly Tutu'd by Duck.
  • Getting drunk with Eda and eventually being kind of weirded out by the fact that she ain't no nun.
  • Greeting Enide and being very very polite.
  • Enduring Sebastian's pissed-offness at Agravain (though this may yet turn around.)
  • Meeting Hisoka Kurosaki.
  • Mourning over Isolde's disappearance.
  • Giving Medraut crap over his murder of Lamorak.
  • Being very awkward around Misa Amane's skimpy dressing habits.
  • Renewing his friendship with Parsifal.
  • Being present at Robb Stark as his best man!
  • Seeing Seifer Almasy's gun and being bewildered by it.
  • Meeting Temeraire, which caused much story-telling to happen.
  • Being gloomy with Titus Groan.
  • Meeting Uther Pendragon.
  • Being rangerly with Will Treaty.

At Ye Olde Place

He just got to the Mansion, where he met Jaenelle Angelline, Sebastian and Robb Stark. He also had a very confusing conversation with his bff from the Arthurian tales, Dinadan, whom he unfortunately never met in Beroul's version. Lamorak also briefed him.
ETA: Tristan alas got involved in Guinevere's messy life. He tried to help Kay investigate Sebastian, met briefly Goewin, and had a strange conversation with said half-incubus. He also seems to be getting along with Cimorene and Molly Seagrim, and has the most epic arguing sessions with Sybel, whom he knows as Blanche.

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