Toph Bei Fong

Name: Toph Bei Fong

Gender: Female

Age: 32

Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender & The Legend of Korra (flashbacks)

Journal: bending_earth

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Quick Biography

Wiki Biography. (From which I have shamelessly borrowed her description because lazy - what?)

Now at 32, Toph has matured. She has traveled the world to teach metalbending to other earthbenders, founding an academy for the art soon after the Hundred Year War's end. Her first known students were Penga, The Dark One, and Ho Tun, whom she chose due to her earth bracelet which would shiver in the presence of super emotional people.

Despite Toph's hatred for rules, she then founded and led Republic City's Metalbending Police Force. Twenty years after the Hundred Year War, Toph had a daughter who would later become the Chief of Police in Republic City, Lin Beifong. When she arrives at the Mansion, she will be heavily pregnant with Lin.

She is a valued advisor for King Zuko, and trusted ally and friend of the Avatar.

Physical Abilities

She can bend earth and sand, as well as metal. Chuck Norris fears her.
Her sand sculpture is art, and she eventually becomes a Master Sand Bender.

Longer video here.

Superhuman Abilities

Earthbending is not superhuman in her world, though metal bending is quite rare, and she is considered it's creator. She can feel vibrations in the ground which is a part of earthbending. Toph's most notable non-bending skill is her extremely acute hearing, as she once claimed herself that she "never [forgot] a voice".

Unusual or Magical Possessions

A small piece of meteorite given to her by Sokka, which she bends into a myriad of shapes and uses. She also carries a Bei Fong passport, though she has long left her family for overprotecting her to the extreme.


Toph has very dark hair, generally worn in a bun. Her eyes are a pale greenish gray, due to blindness. She is average height, and quite muscular though she still looks feminine. At 32, she looks quite young for her age. Her non-art PB is Ako Masuki.



Toph is a tomboy, despite being born a princess. She loves to battle, and is very proud of her earthbending skill, learned from the badgermoles as a child. She is carefree, adventurous and very vocal in her opinions regardless of age or status.

Despite her quick temper, she's very logical, and very good instincts about others. Her blindness has magnified her other senses, so much that she can tell when someone is lying merely by listening to them speak.

Even as her attitude tempers as she travels with the Avatar and friends, she is no less cocky and ready for a fight.

Unlike the nurturing Katara, flighty Aang, or gruff, comical Sokka, Toph is fiercely independent, direct, brutally frank, and sometimes belligerent. By her acute hearing and sense of touch, Toph has the ability to perceive people's lies by their heart rate; and as a result, when Zuko attempted to join the Avatar's group, she is the only one to trust him. Although a good judge of character and often logical, she is quick to anger, especially when she thinks herself insulted.

Although resentful of her parents and of authority overall, Toph welcomes the opportunity to see her mother again; and subsequently confides her reliance on Katara, who had treated her with greater respect than that to which she was accustomed. Later, Toph dictates a conciliatory letter to her parents.

As a rule, Toph is vocal of her opinions regardless of their subjects' status or age. Thanks to her time as a competitor and champion of the earthbending tournaments, she is practiced in taunting and insulting her opponents and on occasion her friends, particularly Sokka.

Inside this hardened exterior, Toph hides trace insecurities in regards to her blindness, as hinted in the episode "The Tales of Ba Sing Se". Being restricted by her parents on account of her disability, Toph resents condescension and often mistakes a friendly gesture for an act of pity for her blindness, until otherwise advised by Iroh. In episode "Sozin's Comet: Part I", she claimed that everyone else in party had gone on a 'life-changing field trip' with Zuko and wished to do so herself.

On several occasions Toph has been seen picking her nose, spitting, and belching loudly. She is also usually covered in dirt, supplying that which she names "a healthy coating of earth". Despite her uncouth habits, Toph is well-educated in the manners and bearings of high society, but prefers merely to ignore them.

Paradoxically, she bears traces of insecurity, particularly about her appearance as she has never seen herself, but she hides any insecurity extremely well.


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  • Friends: Aang, Katara, Zuko, Sokka
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  • Affiliations (to a particular group, of origin, or not): The Avatar. King Zuko. Chief of Police Republic City.

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