Tony Foster

Name: Tony Foster

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Fandom: The Blood & Smoke Series by Tanya Huff

Journal: notgandalf

Typist: **Souji**

Quick Biography

After leaving a rather horrible living situation at 14, Tony wound up on the streets, doing what he could to survive. He stole, hustled, did drugs for a short period of time, and was one of the faceless, nameless street kids that are found all over the world. However, Tony got a lucky break in the form of Vicki (Victory) Nelson. She picked him up on a small charge and saw potential. They developed a friendship/family almost sort of relationship, with Tony helping her with the 'feel' of the street and she would, in return, occasionally buy him a meal or something. One day, she came to him with a rather crazy story. Something about vampires. Enter Henry Fitzroy…

Long story short, they did the dating thing, bonded a bit, Tony got cleaned up and off the streets and even finished school. He decided though that he needed to live his own life and left. That's when he started working for CB Studios on a rather … bad vampire drama. It's also while he was working there that he found out he was a wizard. One horribly traumatic experience later, he's got a laptop/spell book, magic abilities he is only sort of learning to use, and a sudden case of 'TIME TO SAVE THE WORLD' syndrome. Some haunted houses, evil warlocks, and DEMONS and their PORTALS pop up, demand his attention and nearly get him killed. A lot. And all he really wants is a steady boyfriend and for something horrible to not happen on a daily basis.


Roughly standing five foot, ten inches, Tony's thin for his size, but muscular enough for some definition thanks to the hard work he gets dragged through both at the studio and while out saving his little corner of reality. Blond hair that tends to be a mess and falling into his pale blue eyes gives him the appearance of the slightly goofy (but hot) boy-next-door. The scars say a few other choice words about him though… He's got cut scars, burn scars, and a couple of vampire noms on him. Oh, and a rune that may or may not be evil on the palm of his left hand. Long story. Like just about everything about him.


Internally, Tony is a real spaz. He talks alot to himself in his head and occasionally out-loud, but for the most part, he's laid-back and fairly easy going. He takes things as they come, brings them into his world view, and tries to make them fit. He's friendly and likes meeting new people (as long as they're not trying to kill him/possess him/etc). He's a Canadian through and through as well and proud of his country despite it's flaws.

RP Canon

Found himself at yet another crazy house, filled with all sorts of rather … crazy people. Oh, and yes, Henry's here. Hi Henry.

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