Titus Groan

Name: Titus Groan, also "His Lordship Titus Groan, Seventy-Seventh Earl of Gormenghast"

Gender: Male

Age: late twenties

Fandom: Gormenghast (book continuity with mini-series trappings)

Journal: 77th_earl

Typist: Matrix Refugee

Quick Biography

Titus is born at the beginning of the first book of the series, the son of Sepulchrave and Gertrude, and is an infant throughout the whole of Titus Groan (novel). He is heir to the Earldom of Gormenghast. He succeeds to the title as the seventy-seventh earl while still a child after the death of his father, but as he grows older, he develops ambivalent feelings toward his home and is torn between pride in his lineage and the desire to escape from the castle and its stifling traditions and rituals. Eventually, he leaves Gormenghast after defeating Steerpike in battle. Titus discovers a steampunk like world outside of Gormenghast where the castle and its inhabitants are unknown.

Titus' character is one of yearning for freedom and the romance of being an ordinary person without the responsibilities of the Earldom and the tradition that comes with it.

Physical Abilities

Capable of holding his own with a knife (when he doesn't get spooked).

Superhuman Abilities

Not applicable

Unusual or Magical Possessions

Nothing magical, as there's no magic to speak of in Gormenghast, but he will be arriving with a chunk of stone from the Tower of Flints in his pocket. This may become a plot point…


Moderately tall and slender, with nape-of-the-neck length brown hair. Violet eyes that often have a distant look in them, as if he's dreaming of some other place he'd rather be. Carries himself very straight and with a certain quiet dignity that's beyond his years. Some Mansion-dwellers may notice a mild similarity between him and Steerpike, though they couldn't be mistaken for each other, as Titus is a shade taller and their eye colors are different


Pleasant and proper, even rather dignified at times, but is also rebellious but quietly so. Can seem sulky and withdrawn, however this is a defensive tactic. Can at times seem a bit whiny and emo, but it's born from chafing at the constraints of his ritualized life. Rather naive about the outside world. Because his upbringing was more or less starved for genuine love, he's likely to reach out for any love that's offered him, even if it's of the wrong kind…


  • Family: Lord Sepulchrave (father, deceased),Fuschia Groan (older sister, deceased), Countess Gertrude (mother), Lady Clarice and Lady Cora (aunts on his father's side, deceased)
  • Lovers:Iphigenia, Echo, Aramat
  • Score card (People they snogged without dating): the Wild Thing;
  • Friends: Professor Bellgrove, Dr. Prunesquallor;Albert Herrera, Icarus, Melou (he might be the only person at the Mansion who can stand him)
  • Enemies: Steerpike
  • Allies: Mr. Flay (old family retainer, deceased — yes, Anyone Can Die at Gormenghast)
  • Affiliations (to a particular group, of origin, or not): "the brotherhood of emo nobles"

RP Canon

After departing from Gormenghast on horseback, Titus came to a river which his horse could not ford, but happened on a boat tied up on the shore. Sending the horse to find its way back to the castle, he "borrowed" the boat and set out on the river, following it downstream till he grew tired and moored the boat for the night. When he awakened, the boat had gone adrift and was about to beach itself on the shore of the lake behind the Mansion. Icarus was the first to find him and to offer him food and a short explanation of the place. When Ryuk discovered the sport of "chandelier surfing", Titus narrowly escaped being crushed by a chandelier that worked loose in the Library (libraries and this kid do not mix…), rescued by an equally spooked Richard DiNardo. And when the University of the Mansion opened its sign-ups, he was awkwardly "reunited" with a younger Steerpike: it didn't go well, at least until Iphigenia offered Titus some comfort, which ended up in some charmingly awkward lovemaking in the privacy of Iphi's rooms. It's also implied that Muraki swiped his boat one night while spending some "quality time" with Aramat: boats and this kid don't seem to mix, either, since he's had someone swipe his boat in his source canon. The Mansion seems bent on making him its Butt Monkey.

Growing despondent and missing his sister Fuschia, Titus set out trying to find a way out of the Mansion, only to ride into a storm which spooked his horse and left him stunned and drenched, eventually turning into a bad cold. During his subsequent illness, he dreamt of Fuschia; some weeks later, after he'd recovered, Fuschia miraculously appeared at the Mansion and the two were reunited.

He's also had a few less than advised amorous adventures: he spent a lovely afternoon with Echo, finding he could communicate with her by writing, if not by spoken word; after his recovery from his illness, Aramat brought him some tea, finding him immersed in a bit of erotica by Aubrey Beardsley, and then offering him a more…interactive presentation. He also stumbled upon a collection of Victorian pr0n known as "The Pearl", which Robin Goodfellow revealed himself to have been a contributor toward …and which Steerpike caught him getting aroused over. It was at this point that Titus realized something he'd been blind to all this time, that the two of them might be half-brothers, a notion which unsettles him to say the least. It makes it harder to hate someone who might be his flesh and blood, and he's not sure what he thinks of this discovery…

When Morgoth came out of hiding and claimed to have taken several people who had vanished from th Mansion, Titus had a vision of Duck in torment. On challenging Morgoth, he found his hand suddenly taking onna life of it's own, and proceeding to stab his other hand with a paper knife. This left him panicking, and he went in search of help: on describing this to Dean Winchester, the hunter treated it as a case of momentary demonic possession.

In the autumn of 2011, Titus took a prominent role in a performance of Cyrano de Bergerac's Agrippina, a role which helped him to come to a deeper understanding of his not!brother, leading him to attempt a reconciliation.

in the early winter, he crossed paths again with Brian Moser, and this time the encounter proved fatal: however, Titus accepted his death calmly, when Brian explained his need to kill…

Titus returned in the early spring of 2012, after wandering in the strange worlds beyond the walls of Gormenghast. He's grown up a bit, but in other ways, he's still as stubborn about maintaining his freedom. He's been reconnecting with Fuschia and attempting to mend fences with Steerpike. He did, however, have the bad fortune of falling through a collapsing floor during the December 21st earthquake, though he awakened a few weeks later when the house had restored itself.

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