The Tempest


  • William Shakespeare


Brief Summary

Many years ago, Prospero, rightful Duke of Milan, was usurped by his traitorous brother Antonio and marooned upon a deserted isle with his young daughter Miranda. He lived there for some time with his daughter and his servant Caliban, the deformed son of a witch. One day a ship carrying Antonio, along with Alonso the King of Naples, his brother Sebastian and Prince Ferdinand passed close by the island, and with the aide of his servant spirit Ariel he called up a great Tempest that washed the ship ashore for his revenge. The unfortunate nobles are dispersed throughout the island by Ariel, with Ferdinand falling in love with the now grown Miranda as Prospero shames his brother, prevents a plot to murder king Alonso and even temporarily drives the plotters mad. Moved by the pity of Ariel, a being who is not even human, he forgives his brother and gives his blessing for Miranda and Ferdinand to marry before freeing Ariel and renouncing his magic. Then, finally at peace, he departed for Milan to reclaim his rightful Dukedom.

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