The Prisoner


  • Nick Hurran


  • Ian McKellen
  • James Caviezel
  • Hayley Atwell
  • Ruth Wilson
  • Lennie James
  • Rachael Blake
  • Jamie Campbell Bower


  • 2 / Curtis
  • 6 / Michael
  • 313 / Sara
  • 11-12
  • 4-15 / Lucy
  • M2 / Helen
  • 147
  • 21-16
  • 909

Brief Summary

The series begins with an unidentified man waking up in a desert and finding himself in the middle of a pursuit as mysterious guards chase an elderly man through a canyon. The old man dies soon after, but not before passing a message on to the younger man: "Tell them I got out."

Exploring the desert, the man arrives in an enigmatic community, whose residents inform him that it's called simply The Village. Everyone he meets is known only by a number—he learns his number is 6—and he discovers that they have no knowledge or memory of the outside world.

6 himself is unable to remember his real name, or much of his life before the Village, only snippets of memory of New York City and a mysterious woman he met in a diner and took home. Meanwhile, he soon finds himself locked in a battle of wills against 2, the Village's leader, who goes to great lengths to make 6 assimilate into life in the Village. 6, meanwhile, tries to contact "dreamers" - Village residents who, like himself, have been experiencing flashes of memory of their life outside the Village. Along the way, he befriends 147, a Village taxi driver; 313, a doctor with whom 6 develops a romantic connection but who has her own secrets; and "11-12", 2's son, who begins to question the reality of the Village.

Each episode of the series shares its title with an episode of the original programme, although only two episodes, "Arrival" and "Schizoid", share noticeably similar plot elements to the original stories. The series also diverges from the original by not focusing specifically on 6, but also introducing subplots involving 2 and his family, and focusing on 147 and 313.

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