The Mansion Grounds

The Mansion Grounds

The Lake

There is a large lake in easy walking distance from the Mansion, with a pebble beach, small pier and a handful of small boats kept there by various characters. It is a good place to fish and swim…as long as there aren't any sea monsters or eldritch abominations in residence.

The Stables

Near the Mansion on the grounds are stables of horses where characters can keep animals that arrived with them, or find horses seemingly already belonging to the Mansion if they wish to ride. Most stalls are identified one way or other, when a horse is assigned, though sometimes the only way to tell that a horse's owner is gone is… well… by its restlessness.

The Kennel

The kennel is not very far from the Mansion - there, puppies of various species of dogs can be found and adopted, though canon dogs will not show up in the kennel. Elured and Elurin camped there after the 26.12.12 quake, and are often found there tending the dogs, but the dogs are there, twins or not. It's a good place to find a puppy to adopt.

The Gardens

Lovely gardens surround the Mansion, with a diversity of flowers about - some are poisonous, others are not.

The Godswood

The Godswood is a portion of the forest which has been altered by Jaenelle Angelline in an act of mercy to appease Ned Stark's sorrow when he arrived. It is a holy place in at the center of which sits the heart tree, a tree with a face who only listens to those who worships the old gods.

The Pond

The pond has been built by Asato Tsuzuki. It's a fairly good-sized pond, maybe thirty feet across by ten feet and about eight feet deep in the middle, with a bamboo water pipe tying it into the Mansion's water supply, made from bamboo grown in Galadriel's greenhouse. There are irises surrounding it, but the flowers only go about halfway around, and also a flowering cherry tree at one end and a Japanese maple at the other.

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