The Mansion

The Mansion

The Mansion is the central location for RP in Carpe_Ho_ras, and where most of the characters live in-game. It is a very large building that never seems to run out of space no matter how many characters are living there at any one time. There are seemingly endless rooms in the upper floors, as well as a kitchen, porch, library, ballroom, attic, roof access, and basement.

The Main Room

The Main Room is the large, open central area of the Mansion where most of the characters in the game spend much of their time. It is a comfortable room with many couches chairs, tables, and at least one fireplace. The front door opens directly into the main room, so it is the first part of the mansion that many new characters see on their arrival.

The Private Rooms

The upper floors and part of the basement are filled with private rooms that can be claimed by anyone who finds themselves at the Mansion. There is a wide variety of sizes and styles and every person can find a room that suits their tastes and needs.

The Porch

In the front of the Mansion, leading up to the front door, is a spacious porch. There are places to sit, and it is generally considered a good place to hold a quiet and private conversation away from the bustle of the main room, or to just watch the sunset or look out over the Mansion grounds and the surrounding forest.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is large, modern, and always well-stocked. No person at the mansion is at risk of starvation, and can often find favorites from home as well. For those who doesn't know how to cook (or aren't familiar with modern appliances), it isn't uncommon to find other peoples' leftovers in the refrigerator. The kitchen also has a door leading out the back of the Mansion, and behind a door there are stairs down to the wine cellar.

The Library

The library is a large and quiet room filled with every book one could hope to find, if you're willing to look long enough.

Who even knows, if you keep looking for those books you may come across a book that when pulled out from the shelf turns the bookcase around, like a revolving door that leads you into a secret room behind the library case into an alchemy lab.

  • The Alchemy Lab

A rather grim and stone room, with candles burning on the table and walls that never seem to run out. The inside is also filled with pots, a fireplace and ancient chemistry set. Perhaps you're looking for the philosopher's stone or perhaps you seek something else. Either way, everything seems prepared.

The Ballroom

The ballroom is not often used, except for large parties. These do happen more often than you'd expect, however, and often have interesting side effects.

The Attic

The space below the Mansion's roof is mainly storage space, full of objects that must have belonged to denizens of the Mansion who are now long gone.

The Roof

It keeps the weather out. If you can find the way up or are very good at climbing, you can walk around up there.

The Basement

Beneath the main floor of the Mansion is a full basement, containing wine-cellar well stocked with alcohol and a handful of private rooms that can be used by characters who for any reason wish to avoid sunlight, such as vampires or drow. There is also an area where the stone is still rough and wet and unfinished.

The Bar

So there's a bar in the basement - a couple tables and chairs, stools, a counter behind which booze has been stocked and brought downstairs painstakingly, with a little help from his friends. In a corner, there's a jukebox, which made Johnny Rockfort cuss and swear, but now it works - it will be put to merciless contribution when the band is done with its set.

There's even a disco ball hanging from the ceiling, and a dance floor for those who want to indulge.

Some evenings, a band is playing, a girl at the keyboards with a folk, country voice, doing harmonies. An energetic, aggressive, leather-wearing thug who ends up shirtless throughout the highest energy song's evolution after having almost destroyed his beloved guitar (but managed not to, miraculously). For those who can see him (who have died, been touched by a Death Note, or have some supernatural ability that allows this), a gothic clown with pointy teeth, piercings and an androgynous bodice is going nuts at the battery. They're good by virtue of having fun doing it and giving rock n'roll all that they have, heart and soul - but they're certainly much more of a garage band than anything else. It doesn't matter: it's fun. It's for fun, even.

The booze has to be carried downstairs from the plothole - this warrants that someone make sure that no-one plunders the stock unduly. It hasn't been an issue so far - but the bar wasn't officially open, and only a few (mostly people Johnny knows) have come down for drinks. If one of those involved in the project isn't around, it's safe to assume the bar is closed, but
typists may be poked - maybe someone forgot to lock the door.

Puppets involved in the project: Johnny Rockfort, Ryuk, Effy Stonem (Nina Rosario died in the great Carpeocalypse of 2012, and Effy met with Johnny and became his new waitress. A win-win situation for all!). Please touch base with their typists prior to assuming that the bar is open and that something is going on there. Thank you.

Magical Properties of the Mansion

Even aside from the abrupt and unexplained way that most characters arrive at the Mansion for the first time, it soon becomes clear that this is not a normal place. There is never a shortage of rooms for the inhabitants, the food and wine never runs out. Useful and needed things can always be found in the many closets in the mansion. And in the kitchen, in one of the cabinets, lies the Plothole.

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