The Doctor (Ten)

Name: The Doctor (aka John Smith)

Gender: male

Age: 905 (looks about 30)

Fandom: Doctor Who



Quick Biography

The Doctor is a Time Lord. Born on the planet Gallifrey, little is known of his life there. At one point he was a father. The Time War between the Time Lords and the Daleks destroyed his home planet and all of the Time Lords, leaving the Doctor the last one in existence. He's been wandering around every since, here, there, and everywhere, periodically accompanied by human companions. Most lately, he's been traveling with Donna, a temp from Chiswick, and is taken from just before the episode "Turn Left" of Series 4. For more (way more) detailed information, see here. 906 years is a lot to summarize.

Physical Abilities

The Doctor spends a lot of time running. An ungodly amount of time running. Therefore, he's pretty good at it. But that's about it.

Superhuman Abilities

Difficult to define. He is not easily fooled by illusions, and generally knows alien things when he smells them. His Time Lord consciousness is far enough from human that it literally breaks a human brain to try to contain. It's not just genius level intelligence; it's also the ability to see time as in flux or fixed (this is hard to define). He can regenerate from being wounded including fatally unless he dies too fast, though I'm not sure how that'll work in game. And when angry, he's an alien's worst nightmare, as he knows most weaknesses and if he doesn't know them, will figure them out.

Unusual or Magical Possessions

A sonic screwdriver! Opens and closes doors, hacks into computers, can detect alien technology (and sometimes break it) from a mile away. Nifty little tool, useful in all kinds of scenarios. Also his TARDIS, but that's broken in game, or fixed, at any rate, and cannot travel in time or space.


Thin like a rake; "you hug him and you get a papercut." Fairly tallish, sticky-uppy brown hair. Wears a suit, usually pinstripe, a long brown trenchcoat, and prefers Converse sneakers. Degree of attractiveness directly dependent on whether you find David Tennant attractive or not, and/or if you like dorky guys.


Very, very clever, extremely curious, easily entertained. The Doctor has a lot of - buoyancy to his personality, but that's most to cover for his deeper issues - he's had a very long and lonely life and a lot of loss; i.e. a whole planet full of loss along with everyone on it that he knew. He has a fearsome but well disguised temper; however, when it breaks and you piss him off, the Doctor tends to become an unstoppable force of nature who lets nothing stand in his way. He's highly protective of the Earth and more specifically of the people he chooses as his companions on his travels. Most often, though, when not devolving into melancholy or saving the world, the Doctor loves to do new things, meet new people, and generally explore. He keeps himself busy; that's how he keeps his oh so sharp mind off things. He can also, however, be arrogant and standoffish.


  • Family:
  • Lovers:
  • Score card (People they snogged without dating):
  • Friends: Asato Tsuzuki, River Tam
  • Enemies:
  • Allies: Just about anyone who doesn't directly attack him.
  • Affiliations (to a particular group, of origin, or not):

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