Teru Mikami

Name: Teru Mikami

Gender: Male

Age: Twenties

Fandom: Death Note



Quick Biography

Seeing injustice in the form of bullies at school and being picked on himself, Mikami grew up desiring justice over all else. With this in mind he became a prosecutor to put criminals in prison. When a mysterious person known as Kira starts bringing justice to criminals and other bad people, particularly some that Mikami knew of, he became obsessed with Kira and wanted to help him, regarding him as his 'God'. Eventually he was sent a Death Note which let Mikami enact his own justice on others. By the end he was driven quite insane by his obsession and by the realization that his 'God' - Light Yagami - was not so perfect after all. It is said that Mikami dies in prison post-manga.

Physical Abilities

He's more brain than brawn.

Superhuman Abilities

No Shinigami eyes here. He basically just an ordinary human.

Unusual or Magical Possessions

No Death Note… unless he can convince Ryuk to give it to him sometime.


Japanese with dark hair and eyes and a rather intense look. Neatly dressed.


Very loyal and can be intense in his passion for justice and doing what he considers the right thing.


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