Name: Temeraire

Gender: Male

Age: 3 when taken, now four years old (almost five!)


Journal: ao_ji

Typist: Souji

Quick Biography

Temeraire was one of two twin eggs laid by Lung Tien Quan and was the one sent off to France to prevent fighting for the throne. The ship his egg was on was captured by a British ship and he hatched in January. Taking a liking to Laurence, the captain, instead of the sailor that had been picked to harness him, he agreed to take the harness and a name from the Captain.

He grew quickly, was trained in the Aerial Corps, and fought in a few battles before being caught in the Battle of Dover. There, he unleashed the 'Divine Wind' and it was found that he wasn't a Chinese Imperial as thought, but was a rare Celestial.

China wasn't pleased to find their prize dragon fighting in war.

So, he gets brought to China with Laurence, there's a conspiracy, there's a death, Laurence is formally adopted by the Emperor, all is good. Until it's time to go home. There's a fire on their ship, they all decide to take an overland route and are told to 'pick up some eggs on the way'.

One of those eggs turns out to be Iskierka (yay!) and then there's the plague.

Plague is killing dragons, Temeraire and crew figure out the cure, the British government decide to keep it for themselves and infect all other dragons, Temeraire says "F**K THAT!" and wants to take the cure to France.

Doing so means that Laurence is accused of treason, Temeraire is sent to the breeding grounds where he causes a HUGE fuss and then it's decided that they're going to both be sent to Australia instead.

Physical Abilities:

Fluent in English, Chinese, French, and Durzagh (the native draconian language). Capable of the massively destructive 'Divine Wind', something of a 'sonic roar'. He's also a dragon. A freaking dragon

Superhuman Abilities

Dragon. Really. Big dragon.

Unusual or Magical Possessions



A celestial dragon, Temeraire is typical of his breed in appearance. He's all black, with blue markings on his wings and with bright blue eyes. He's roughly 110 feet long (30m) and weighs in between 20 and 25 tons with a wingspan of 165 feet (50m). A frilled ruff surrounds his head and will flare up in displays of emotion (anger, interest, etc) and he has long 'whiskers' extending from his muzzle. The scales on his nose are soft and he likes having them pet.

He has five digits on each foot and six spines on his wings (unlike other dragons which only have five).


Friendly and almost infinitely curious, Temeraire is always looking for new things to learn and for new ways to make things better for dragons everywhere. He is protective of his friends and those he considers 'his'. He isn't above using his size and abilities to getting his way if he feels very strongly about something, but he would rather discuss rather than resort to such tactics.


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