T.J. Gurney

Name: TJ Gurney

Gender: male

Age: 30ish

Fandom: Kitty Norville series

Journal: cyclewolf

Typist: Shar

Quick Biography

TJ is a werewolf who really enjoys being a werewolf. He also enjoys working with motorcycles. And coffee. He often smells earthy - of the forest, the damp night air, fur and sometimes a trace of blood. Those with a good nose can also smell the oil and grease of his bike, the heat of his kitchen, soap, his jacket, a faint touch of cigarette, and a stronger scent of pine.

When Kitty Norville becomes a werewolf (against her will), TJ is in the pack that takes her in. Unlike most of the pack, he's not a bully, and he becomes Kitty's best friend. Despite the growing animosity between Kitty and the pack alpha, TJ tries to protect her, putting himself at risk. He's willing to kill to defend and protect those he cares about.

In the wolf pack, TJ is the beta male, lieutenant to the alpha. He's very intuitive, with good instincts. He's also learned to use the wolf as a strength, accepting that part of himself completely.

When a rogue wolf begins killing in the area, he argues with the alpha that the pack needs to find and stop him. Tensions mount, until TJ is forced to either side with his best friend, or turn his back on his pack. Unfortunately, he turned his back on an alpha that doesn't fight fair.

Physical Abilities

He's also an okay cook, his specialty being barely cooked steaks. He can definitely hold his own in a fair fight.

Superhuman Abilities

He can change into a werewolf at will. He doesn't need a full moon to do so, though he must on those nights. Despite the threat of becoming less human, he loves running free in the forest as a wolf.

Unusual or Magical Possessions



As a human, TJ has dark hair, and a great body, muscled arms flowing into well-defined shoulders and back. As a wolf, TJ is slate gray, with silver hair like frosting on his muzzle, chest and belly. His eyes are a soft amber. Kitty describes him as big and scary as hell.


TJ is as private as being a werewolf in a pack allows, living alone with a shed nearby to work on motorcycles. He's very protective of his friends, and incredibly loyal. He's homosexual, and completely at ease with the fact.


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