Name: Sybel, Witch of Eld Mountain

Gender: female

Age: 22 (acts more like 16)

Fandom: The Forgotten Beasts of Eld by Patricia McKillip



Quick Biography

Sybel was the only daughter of Ogam, the wizard of Eld Mountain, and so his power and reign passed to her. She grew up largely alone with the beasts her father had summoned for company and came to be powerful in her own right. She raised the son of the old king for no real reason, only to have him claimed again by Drede, king of Eldwold. Summoned by a wizard who had discovered her true name and sought to claim her, Sybel escaped by calling on one of her friend-servants.


Pale skin, nearly white hair, black eyes. Tall for a woman and straight backed, stern and cold, with an air of wildness to her.


Sybel is essentially a cold-hearted woman. She loved Tamlorn, the child she raised, but any love she had died when the wizard tried to chain her. Her freedom above all else is most important to her. The closest to friends she has are the beasts her father summoned, and has little enough liking or use for lesser human beings, being an arrogant little thing.

RP Canon

Mostly just annoying people with her attitude, and being unnerved by being called to a strange place seemingly for no reason.

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