Name: Sugar

Gender: Female

Age: 19 on arrival (now 20)

Fandom: The Crimson Petal and the White

Journal: crimson_sugar

Typist: Wil

Quick Biography

William Rackham is the heir to a big cosmetic firm in which he is not interested, thereby disappointing his father who cuts back on his allowance in the hopes that he will become more amenable to taking over the family business. He falls sway to the charms of a 19-year-old prostitute named Sugar, a whore famous for performing any sexual act desired, whose foremost concern is acquiring enough financial security so that she can publish her novel.
Sugar was the daughter of a brothel owner, and was raised and groomed to be a prostitute from birth. Her mother sold her virginity to her first client when she was thirteen years old, introducing the man in her room while she slept.
Transfixed by Sugar's abilities and longing to possess her solely for his own sexual purposes, William, a self-professed (yet unpublished) novelist, is motivated to become the scion for whom his father always longed. William takes over the family perfume empire and sets up Sugar in a pied-a-terre close to his mansion in Notting Hill, enlisting her help not only in relieving his lust, but also in running his business, writing his product copy and managing his household, albeit from afar.
First his patron, he buys her freedom and makes her his mistress and companion for a while, before he brings her into his home as the governess to his daughter, Sophie.
Agnes, Sophie's mother, keeps to her bed, where she is tended by her bitter maid, Clara, and the misogynistic Doctor Curlew, who attempts to cure Agnes by stimulating her genitals with various devices. Furthermore, as she was never taught the biology of her own body and thinks her monthly courses are demons causing her to bleed from her female parts, she cannot accept that she has given birth to a child, Sophie, who is locked away in a gloomy attic nursery.
Sugar's social climb comes to a brutal halt with Agnes's disappearance and her own unwanted pregnancy. Dismissed, she runs off with her ward Sophie Rackham.
Their flight leads them to the Mansion….


She is a red-head, curly and well groomed, her dress strict and elegant, as a governess’s would be, or perhaps that of an important man’s mistress, or the dress maybe of a lady of the lesser ladder of English good society. Her lips are chapped, her hands and cheeks are dry, and her figure is that of a slim, willowy thing, not curvy and not plush, though sensuality somehow stirs from her like strange ooze.
She has large, mannish hands and a skin condition: Her flaky ichthyosis patterns radiate across the flesh of each buttock like scars from a thousand flagellations. However, she has a reputation for sensuality which exceeds any physical deformity. She can make a man's loins quiver with a single glance. They are naked eyes, fringed with soft hair, glistening like peeled fruits. They are eyes that promise everything.


Sugar is an expert in love (she never says "no"), and the secret author of a book containing all her fantasies of revenge against the male sex. Despite her professional qualities, Sugar, who was forced into prostitution by her mother from the time she was 13, dreams of getting out and becoming a respectable woman.
Decidedly unconventional and strong-willed, intellectual (she is writing a novel and counsels efficiently William). She's self-educated and ambitious, able to carry on heated discussions of Swift and Shakespeare while pleasuring a man. Angry at men though it may be for simply having never been loved by anyone. Charming and compliant when it suits her. Able to love, she would do anything for Sophie.
Sugar has never had the time, money or inclination to examine her life; her struggle to climb ever upward within the society of street whores, brothel workers and kept women she inhabits leaves little time for self-reflection — which is probably for the best. Her mother, a retired whore herself, has taught Sugar to view men as nothing more than paychecks, herself as little other than a wage earner, hardly even a human being. Sugar channels her hatred for men into her novel, a thinly veiled memoir of the varying clients she's had since her mother pimped her out at the age of thirteen. Although Sugar's intent for her novel (The Fall and Rise of Sugar) is to expose the true life of a working whore, the book's heroine, however, does far more than satisfy the carnal desires of her clients; instead, she viciously murders them.
Sugar grows from a common — albeit educated — prostitute into first a governess, and then a full-fledged member of society. Her means are unconventional, and many of her actions atrocious, but as she is a victim of her own life, a wide-eyed, nineteen-year-old woman with the wisdom of an octogenarian and the emotional maturity of a four-year-old, we forgive her. Ultimately, her love for Sophie, Henry and Agnes's daughter, is her downfall — or is Sophie Sugar's entry into society?


RP Canon

In 2011

Encounters include, but are not limited to:

In 2010

Encounters include, but are not limited to:

  • Being very insulted by Adrian Ivashkov during the spring teen-aged dance;
  • Meeting Alphonse and determining that he is an appropriate friend for Sophie;
  • Meeting Armand Saint-Just and being very hurt when told that Karla never mentioned her - six months later, the girls made up, but there were bruised feelings on both sides;
  • Greeting Blind Mag and having Serious Discussions about the value of Freedom;
  • Meeting Brian Moser but managing to evade his creepy proclivities;
  • Trying to help Echo get her voice back with home-made remedies;
  • Getting Enjolras to help her find her lost little girl;
  • Befriending Gellert Grindelwald despite some mild flirtation;
  • Witnessing Sophie's adoption of Hatter into her army of uncles;
  • Missing Khardeen, Lucivar and Jaenelle, whom she has not seen in a while;
  • Greeting Lystra and her new born son, and facepalming a lot at Sophie's lack of manners;
  • Bringing a Christmas tree inside and enlisting the help of Mal Reynolds;
  • Having a fun conversation with Murata;
  • Groaning at Reno's inappropriate flirting;
  • Not attending Robb Stark's wedding for reasons of her own;
  • Greeting both Seras Victoria and Titus Groan.

At ye Olde Mansion

She just got to the Mansion… So far, she and Sophie met Richard Carstone (a nice, sane, gentleman from her period - we're grateful), Gaheris (he seems fascinated by Sophie), Lucivar Yaslana (he made Sophie cry), Henry Fitzroy (who imprudently lent Sugar and Sophie his room), a surprisingly sane-looking Locke Lamora (well, Tavrin callas, for Sugar - he lied through his teeth the whole time), and a puppy-walking Caliban Leandros who got kissed in the end.

She also tried to comfort a crackplotted Laurel, asked Kay for work and then spent a night trying to take care of a no longer Not!Cal Caliban, and it seems they (oh dear) like each other. Is also hanging out with Molly Seagrim (oh, the tangled webs we weave).
It seems yet again that Sugar has joined most of Wil's puppets in being adopted by the Blood - however, this time Lucivar gets a willing protege - Sugar will do what he tells her to, even if it breaks her heart, and even if Karla says otherwise.

She greeted Prior Philip on his arrival - that was nice, if a little, er, confusing.

Since then, she has argued with Lucivar a lot, investigated the depression of Jaenelle Angelline, was very disturbed by John Childermass's steel gaze, had a heart to heart with Firekeeper and slept (again) with Caliban Leandros. For months she was kind of in love with the latter - even if she could not admit it to herself. Then the Dream epiphany ball crackplot happened and she told him the truth about herself - the former prostitute thing, the indirectly killing Agnes Rackham thing, and he said he loved her, and she said it too, and now they're both flailing about it, though less and less - Niko's arrival seems to have somewhat calmed down Cal, which in turn enables him to pursue his relationship with Sugar, espescially since after some initial flailing from the big brother, he accepted to protect all the women in Cal's life, should Darkling return. (Which, yes, does include Molly.)

Recently, Gaheris has had a fit of… sanity??? and told Sophie not to call him Papa, much to her distress. Sugar is feeling guilty for allowing the girl to develop her friendship with the crazysauce Orkney, and Sophie is back to being a broken little thing.

ETA: And now Sugar has a broken boyfriend on her hands. She's been crying secretly about it.

ETA: When Darkling returned, Sugar had to kill Cal, which broke her a lot. During Cal's absence, her friendship with Robb Stark bloomed, which made her a bit confused, and facilitated slippage during a disinhibition crackplot. After much guilt, however, it seems she and Cal are more in love than ever.

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