Stocking Anarchy

Name: Stocking Anarchy

Gender: Female

Age: Looks anywhere from eighteen to early twenties, but could be FAR older than that. (After all she's still an Angel, technically.)

Fandom: Panty Stocking With Garterbelt

Journal: lollypop_lolita

Typist: pashchan

Quick Biography

The weird story takes place in Daten City, a city in-between Heaven and Hell itself. Because of this location, the city often has supernatural problems. Namely 'ghosts', the regrets of dead humans taken corporeal and often deadly form but sometimes are also used as tools for demons to stir up trouble.

The only beings capable of exorcising such creatures are Angels, luckily for the city a pair of Fallen Angels named the Anarchy Sisters fell to the city under the guide of a priest with a afro named Garterbelt. In exchange for killing the ghosts and protecting the city, the ghosts often leave behind 'heaven coins', currency used by the Angels to (literally) buy their way back into heaven. But the sisters aren't necessarily the best people for the job, as they are often irresponsible, disobedient, and quite indulgent for Angels.

A LOT of craycray stuff goes on in-between that and the final three episodes of the first season, so here's this link if you're interested.

Fast forward to 'Panty + Brief', where Stocking (surprise, surprise) gets to go to heaven before her more outwardly rebellious, promiscuous sister. She later returns (or if you believe the fanon, kicked out again) in 'Bitch Girls' to fight alongside Panty against the Demons and manages to save the city and heaven. When returning back home, Stocking asks her Sister if Angelic Weapons can harm actual Angels. Panty didn't know.

Then she sliced her older sister up into six hundred and sixty-six pieces while calmly explaining that she was a demon and had been in cahoots with the enemy the whole time. (Despite the fact that she still retained her Angelic appearance physically and in her weapon. Leading to the theory that she renounced her Angelic heritage in name only and had not been turned yet.)

Physical Abilities

Is a really, really good weapons user. Mostly with swords. Can also take more damage than most humans. It's what comes with still mostly being an angel physically.

Superhuman Abilities

Can turn her (and perhaps all) stockings into swords. She also had the ability to fly and bestow good luck unto others, but the latter two might be nullified at the mansion due to the fact that she's technically no longer an angel completely.

Unusual or Magical Possessions

There are her stockings, that change into two twin katanas called Stripes I & II. She also carries around a plush cat called Honekoneko. (It may be living, and occasionally breathes fire.)


Like all (supposed) Angels are, Stocking is blessed in the looks department. She's pale, with a curvy, top-heavy body, has a cute face with aqua-blue eyes. Her hair is long and straight with bangs with a indigo-blue top layer, and a pink underlayer. Typically wears Gothic Lolita clothing. PB is Katy Perry because the typist doesn't want Chris Hansen knocking down her door. >_>


Stocking is the more responsible Anarchy sister…which really isn't saying that much. :| She is snide and snarky as all hell to most people, but to most people is the more friendly and likeable of the sisters. (Which again, isn't saying much.) Like any Goth-Loli worth their salt, she kinda likes disgusting or dark things. (She even fell in love with a Ghost at one point.)

She would much rather eat sweets than do her job, which is killing ghosts and being an agent of the heavenly world…despite having non-heavenly habits that got her kicked out in the first place. Also unlike her sisters rampant promiscuity, Stocking is more controlled over such matters. (She however does have an interest in kinky sex, which is usually an interest Demons have in that universe.) Like her namesake, she sincerely hates being told what to do and unlike her sister, will rebel if a better or less difficult opportunity does comes along.


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RP Canon

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