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He had gone in because of Carpe Horas, and he returned because of Carpes au Gras. They drank there, they ate there, they shouted there; they paid little, they were always welcome.
— Victor Hugo, Les Miserables.

Who We Are

This is the Wiki reference site for the Livejournal panfandom, panmedia roleplay community Carpe_ho_ras.

The main roleplay community can be found at carpe_ho_ras
The out of character community can be found at carpe_ooc
The chat logging community can be found at eta_loggage

To get in touch with the moderation team, comment to the ooc community or send an email to carpemods[at]gmail[dot]com.

A Word Of Warning Before You Begin!

There are detailed descriptions of both fandoms and the characters' roles in them. It's the nature of the beast. Keep this in mind and tread carefully around fandoms that you don't want to hear too much about. HERE THAR BE SPOILERS!

Some Really Useful Pages for getting started

CarpeWiki Help
Wikidot Help
New Typist
New Character
New Fandom
In-Game Locations
Handy Abbreviations
Character Pairings
Wanted Characters
PB Directory
Carpe Tropes
Character Organizations

For lists and descriptions of characters, typists, fandoms and in-game locations, see the Tags.

The Tags

Characters:NPC Characters:Dropped Characters:Literary Characters:Musicals
Characters:Video Games Characters:Video Media Fandoms:Literary Fandoms:Musicals
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