Starmania (Tycoon)


  • Libretto by Luc Plamondon
  • Music by Michel Berger
  • Lyrics by Luc Plamondon


Brief Summary

Typist note: It used to be dated circa 1980, but then, er, they re-did it in 2009, so the lyrics were changed to read "come year 3000, we'll all be forty" - or something of the like, and Johnny's assumed to be in his twenties, so. There we go. The musical is available on YouTube for viewing, see below, but alas only in French - there never was an English production of it to our knowledge. It did get translated and recorded on CD, under the name Tycoon. The translated lyrics are available and linked to below.

And now on to the summary:
Monopolis, new capital of the West, is terrorized by the Black Stars, a gang whose leader Johnny Rockfort is acting under the influence of Sadia, a transvestite hailing from high society who, in the evening, descends in the underground to give her orders . They meet at the Underground Café under the amused gaze of Marie-Jeanne, the waitress.

Above this underground cafe is the Golden Tower, a building of one hundred twenty-one floors at the top of which sits the office of Zéro Janvier , a billionaire who engages in politics by becoming a candidate for the presidency of the West. He bases his campaign on the return to constitutional order and the building of a new atomic world. Zéro Janvier becomes the sworn enemy of Johnny Rockfort and his Black Stars.

It is in this context that three stories of love are formed and unwound in parallel:

- The impossible love of Marie-Jeanne for Ziggy, a young, androgynous and mytho-maniac disc retail employee. However, Ziggy is gay.
- The sensational romance of Zéro Janvier with Stella Spotlight, a sex-symbol who just bid farewell to the cinema and who suffers from her own aging.
- Finally, Johnny Rockfort and Cristal's passion which is the real crux of the plot.

Crystal, star presenter of the television show Starmania, receives a phone call from Sadia, who offers him an exclusive interview with the outlaw Johnny Rockfort, whose face is unknown to the public. The appointment takes place at the Underground Café. Crystal and Johnny immediately fall in love. She flees with him, and thus, Sadia loses her grip on Johnny.

Crystal decides to become the spokesperson for the Black Stars by sending pirate messages, thanks to a neutron camera which allows her to seize the air. Sadia, mad with jealousy, debauches Ziggy with her high-placed connections. Ziggy leaves Marie-Jeanne to become the DJ of Naziland, a giant rotating disco overlooking Monopolis, from the top of Zero Janvier's Golden Tower. Sadia takes her revenge.

According to revelations made by Ziggy to Marie-Jeanne, Sadia now works for Zero Janvier, her alleged nemesis. Sadia decides to denounce Johnny and Cristal the evening when Zero celebrates his engagement with Stella Spotlight, as the Black Stars have chosen this evening to detonate a bomb in the Golden Tower.

Zero Janvier's men pursue the Black Stars. Cristal is hit and dies in Johnny's arms. The shadow of Johnny Rockfort looms over Zero Janvier's victory, who has been elected president of the West.

On the eve of his execution by Zero's totalitarian rule, Johnny launches himself in meditation and philosophical questions about the meaning and reason of life, which shows how his internal suffering and his inability to fit in the mold of society.

Stella Spotlight, disgusted by power, returns to her dream of immortality.

Marie-Jeanne, disappointed and unloved, leaves the underground world in search of the sun.

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