Stacker Pentecost

Name: Stacker Pentecost

Gender: M

Age: 40

Fandom: Pacific Rim

Journal: jaegerstacker

Typist: Shar


Quick Biography

Stacker, Stacks to friends of which he has few, is a study in poor kid making good. The son of Obadel and Viviane Pentecost, Stacker's PPDC Personnel Dossier infers that his family was involved in organized crime. His father worked as a laborer and his mother was performer in a club. In 1995, his father is killed in a fight with a club owner. Only twelve at the time, Stacker burns the owner's club down and attacks him. The consequence of his actions lands him military school where his commanding officers discover Stacker has an aptitude for full time military service. Later, he entered the Royal Air Force once his pilot training is completed at Leuchars and worked to complete his education in avionics, defense and warfare.

Stacker is in London when the Kaiju attacks San Fransisco. His sister, Luna, is sent by England to partner with the US military in fighting the creature. She dies in the fighting and Stacker loses his last piece of biological family.

Defeating the Kaiju becomes personal then, and Stacker dedicates his life to finding a way to defeat the monsters. When the Pan Pacific Defense Corps is formed, he volunteers to be one of the first test pilots. Becoming a Ranger in the Jaeger Program, he trains with his friend Tamsin Sevier, and they are assigned the Japanese Jaeger, Coyote Tango. On May 15, 2016 the two are deployed in Tokyo to fight the Kaiju Onibaba. During combat Tamsin loses consciousness, leaving Stacker to kill the Kaiju on his own. The two manage to save the life of a young Mako Mori who has just lost her family in the attack.

Stacker's career as a pilot lasts for two years, through 2015 to 2016; he ran over a dozen missions with other Mark-1 Jaeger Pilots, including the likes of Herc Hansen. Shortly thereafter, Stacker and Tamsin are issued papers explaining their retirement from active duty. Stacker believes Tamsin’s loss of consciousness was a fluke, but his friend reveals she’s been diagnosed with cancer from the exposure to Coyote’s nuclear reactor.

Stacker is also diagnosed with radiation poisoning. He is then told that if he ever pilots another Jaeger, the physical and mental stress will kill him. Shortly after his retirement, his commanding officer, Sectary-General Dustin Krieger promotes him to PPDC Command as Marshall.

Assigned to the Jaeger Academy, he chooses to teach future Rangers at the Academy to pilot the Jaegers. Stacker plays a vital role in the creation of the Kwoon Combat Room and pilot assignments.

Remembering the girl he and Tamsin saved in Tokyo, Stacker decides to adopt Mako, sympathizing with her loss of family. In the aftermath of her family's death, Pentecost is forced to protect Mako from her surviving relatives on her father's side. They blame her being born as a girl, holding her responsible for Sumako's inability to have sons to continue the lineage of sword makers. Over the course of training pilot-hopefuls, Stacker and Mako bond; her inquisitiveness in regards to the nature of the pilot's bond and training to become a Ranger are frequent subjects discussed. When she asks if she can become a Jaeger pilot, Stacker tells her "someday".

In 2017, Mako enters the Jaeger Academy as one its youngest students. Stacker personally oversees her training. Though she excels in all areas of the Academy, Stacker refuses to allow her a chance to become a pilot. Once her training is completed, he is assigned to the Achorage and Lima Shatterdomes as commander.

By 2025, the unprecedented number of attacks from the Kaiju in 2024 diminished the forces of the Jaeger Program. With no hope in the program, the United Nations begin to shut down all but one of the Shatterdomes and retire PPDC personnel. Stacker pleads with the United Nations representatives for more time to plan a final assault against the breach with everything they have. They deny his request and give him eight months of funding to finish the rest of his service in Hong Kong. Frustrated, Stacker decides to proceed with his plan without the UN's help and heads for the Anti-Kaiju Wall to find Raleigh Beckett, a former pilot who disappeared four years earlier after his dismissal from the Jaeger Program following Knifehead's defeat.

If you'd like to read the ramifications and result of this decision, please see the Wiki page linked below. But beware, movie spoilers.

Physical Abilities

Master Jaeger Pilot: Pentecost is one of two Rangers who survived a solo piloting run in a Jaeger, the other being Raleigh Becket. Though his exposure to Coyote Tango's nuclear reactor later led to radiation poisoning, he is still able to pilot the far more advanced Striker Eureka against the likes of category IV and V Kaiju. Stacker was able to drift with Chuck Hansen with ease.

Master Martial Artist: Stacker is among the first Rangers trained by Pan Pacific Defense Corps. He is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, utilizing his background in mixed martial arts to his advantage in combat against the Kaiju.

Superhuman Abilities


Unusual or Magical Possessions

Stacker will arrive in his Jaeger pilot suit, though none of the technology attached will work.


Stacker has brown hair and brown eyes. He's 6' 3" and weighs 211 lbs. Since this movie is set in the future, Stacker is forty years old. PB is Idris Elba.


Pentecost is haunted by the death of his loved ones; the subsequent death of Tamsin leaves him burdened with the responsibility of protecting the world from the Kaiju and makes him responsible for Mako. Though he believes Mako can pilot a Jaeger as well as anyone, his fear that her desire for revenge in the name of her family will consume her, prevents him from allowing her to pilot. Their relationship is built on mutual respect and understanding for one another. Mako is the only family he has left.

A terminally ill man, Stacker puts on a strict facade to hide his fragility from the world; his appearance, tailored and without creases, reflect his need to maintain his strength before his comrades. His demeanor as a soldier and former Ranger allows him to empathize with the responsibility of Jaeger pilots, but leaves little room for insubordination and ego. Travis Beacham describes Pentecost as "badass Obi-Wan Kenobi type" with regrets in regards to the lives led by the people around him. Understanding that none of them can merely forget their duty to the world, he refrains from filling his comrades heads with wishes and fantasies of a better life. Stacker sees himself as the "fixed point" that keep the remaining PPDC operatives focused on the goal of defeating the Kaiju.



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