Name: Spy

Contact Information: manyquipsdept on AIM
PM me for an e-mail address.

Random Fun Facts:
Watch this space. One day, I hope to have a fun fact to put here.

I promised a random fun fact so long ago, that I probably owe a dozen! Ref enticed me here! Does that count? I hope so.

My hectic work requires escape into my headspace, which bring about all the crazy my puppets get up to. It should also be noted the Mansion is far more sane than my workplace. I believe sleeping isn't as good for me as reading, and often sacrifice the first for the second. I am also owned by my dog, and not vice versa.

It also takes me donkey's years (not Eeyore though) to pick up new people. See my sad, short list.

Literary Characters

Video Media Characters

Musical Characters

Video Game Characters

Shameless Fellow Typist Love

- Wil thinks Spy is pretty damn cool and adores her puppet. And hopes to see more around, yuss yuss. ^^
- Ref is delighted she found Spy that odd day on LJ's "dear_mun" comm and Titus is glad Spy brought his sister to the Mansion. Both she and her headspace dwellers are excited to see what she'll bring in next..,.
Nara has not yet had the pleasure of playing with Spy but she is delighted to see another Gormenghast fan in the comm and knows that soon there will be thrilling adventures to be had.
Spy has such awesome characters, and they are so well played. Even if I'm not involved with my own chars, I enjoy reading her threads. I look forward to interacting more! <3 ~ Shar

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