Spock (Reboot)

Name: Commander Spock

Gender: Male

Age: Late twenties

Fandom: Star Trek, (Reboot)



Quick Biography

Commander Spock (his full name is unpronouncable by humans) is the son of the Sarek, the Vulcan ambassador to Earth, and Amanda Greyson, a Human teacher. He is probably the result of genetic modification to account for the massive biological differences between the two species. He had a fairly usual upbringing and education for a child on Vulcan, though there was a great deal of prejudice against a half-human child and against his mother. When he was growing up he was bullied by other children who tried to provoke emotional responses, the only successful tactic was insulting his mother, which provoked him into a rage. Even as a child he was able to take on older boys and win in a physical fight. He was close to his mother, but he didn't have a very close relationship with his father due to Vulcan emotional control.

As an adult Spock applied to both the Vulcan Science Academy and Starfleet, he was accepted to both and decided to join Starfleet when the Vulcan ministers made it clear that his half-human heritage would always be considered to be a major disadvantage. At Starfleet he became one of their 'most distinguished graduates' and as a Commander in line for executive officer of the soon-to-be-commissioned flagship the USS Enterprise he taught classes at the Academy. Among the classes he taught was Xenolinguistics where he met Cadet Uhura. He was also involved in the programming of the Kobayashi Maru exam and aided in supervising the examination sessions. When a certain Cadet Kirk managed to beat the unbeatable test by slipping his own piece of code into the system Spock had him up before the board on charges of cheating.

When a distress call from Vulcan was received in the middle of the hearing, Spock took his position as first officer and science officer of the Enterprise under Captain Christopher Pike, but before their arrival Cadet Kirk appeared on the bridge trailed by Dr. McCoy and Lt. Uhura claiming that the planet was under attack by Romulans who had lowered a high-powered drill into the planet. Spock offered to have the Cadet removed from the bridge but they convinced Spock and the Captain that there was some merit to the theory, which was proven true upon their arrival. Captain Nero of the Romulan ship demanded Pike's presence, so Spock was left in command of the ship while Pike took a shuttle to the Romulan ship and dropped Kirk, chief engineer Owen and helmsman Hikaru Sulu to disable the drill. They were successful but it was too late, Nero had created a black hole at the center of the planet, and as they were beamed back aboard Spock beamed down to the planet in an attempt to rescue the Vulcan High Council and his parents. He was nearly successful, but his mother fell to her death when the ground beneath her crumbled just before the transporter was locked. Emotionally compromised and still in command of the ship, Spock got into an argument with Kirk over whether or not they should pursue Nero as Kirk suggested or rendezvous with the rest of Starfleet, and Spock had him removed from the ship and marooned on the nearby planet Delta Vega. He was surprised when Kirk suddenly turned back up on the ship at warp en route to meeting with the rest of Starfleet, Kirk provoked him into attacking him by insulting his feelings toward his mother's death, and Spock stepped down from command stating that he was emotionally compromised.

Distraught, Spock had a discussion with his father and Sarek finally told Spock that he had married Amanda not because it was merely logical, but because he loved her. Soon after, Spock rejoined the crew, offering to take part in the plan that they were putting together and volunteering to board the Narada, Nero's ship. He and Kirk boarded and Spock used a mind-meld to learn the location of Captain Pike and of a stolen ship used to create the black holes. While Kirk went to rescue the Captain Spock stole back the ship and used it to attack the Narada, finally setting a collision course and was beamed out on Kirk's call just before impact. The Narada was destroyed in the ensuing black hole.

Later, after Kirk was promoted to Captain and given the Enterprise, Spock accepted the positions of first officer and science officer and the crew set off, ready to go where no man has gone before…

Physical Abilities

Spock is a highly trained command qualified science officer of Starfleet. He is also an excellent shot with a phaser and skilled at unarmed combat, aided by his superior Vulcan strength.

Superhuman Abilities

Being half Vulcan, Spock is a touch telepath and is capable of performing a mindmeld, touching another person's mind to read their thoughts and memories or to communicate his to them.

Unusual or Magical Possessions



Spock for the most part looks typically Vulcan. Tall and slim, with a faint greenish tinge to his skin due to his copper-based blood, curved and pointed ears, thin, upswept eyebrows, and black hair in a bowl-like haircut typical of Vulcans.

He has his mother's eyes though. Human eyes.


Spock was raised and educated on Vulcan, so he has been trained in Vulcan methods of logic and emotional control, though being both Vulcan and Human his emotions run very deep and they are not always as controlled as he'd like them to be. He would prefer to pretend didn't have any at all, and even briefly considered undertaking the discipline of Kolinar which would entirely purge all emotion. He was badly hurt by the loss of his planet and the death of his mother, but being Vulcan he tries hard to bury it and hasn't dealt with it well, if at all. Spock is also a stickler for rules, much more so than some of the officers he works with. Like Kirk for example.


  • Family: Sarek, Amanda Greyson, Spock Prime
  • Lovers: Nyota Uhura
  • Score card (People they snogged without dating):
  • Friends: Spock has no friends, Spock needs no friends!
  • Enemies: Nero, Ayel
  • Allies: James T. Kirk, Dr. Leonard McCoy, Hikaru Sulu, Anton Chekov, Montgomery Scott, Christopher Pike
  • Affiliations (to a particular group, of origin, or not): Vulcans, Starfleet

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