Name: Souji

Contact Information:
At the OOC livejournal, **souji_chan**(shut up we all had that phase), or pm though any character journal, or through e-mail at kionxi [at] gmail [dot] com (you can also IM me through gtalk at the same name)

Random Fun Facts:
Enjoys animals, yarn crafts, scary stories, and plotting world conquest. Also has a deep love of literature (and tea) in nearly all it's forms, and enjoys talking about music, physics, history and math.

Looking like: Souji is a rather short individual with short brown hair and hazel eyes that don't quite work properly. Currently has tattoos on both arms, one leg, and stomach and plans to get many more, though there are no piercings, as he is terrified of needles. Yes, we are aware of the contradiction, thank you. Rather pale, he doesn't tan well (i.e. bursts into flames) and tries to avoid the sun as much as possible.

Where from: United States (I do love my country, but I think we should start seeing other people.)

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Shameless Fellow Typist Love

Souji being here is completely my fault, and I don't mind taking responsibility - Sam

We haven't known each other very long, but Souji has proven to be an excellent (and experienced) RPer, a very sweet person, and a marvelous partner. I'm excessively glad that we met here. - Wil

Souji is a brilliant RPer, Nellas adores Iggy to bits and pieces, and Elleth adores Souji for being a great, smart conversation partner and very ^^-worthy in general.

Jules would like to confess her shameless love for Souji's pups, who are equally loved by her pups, apparently. It's a pupwide conspiration of love, it seems.

Shar knows Souji's utter sweetness is a secret, and promises never to tell anyone. Shar also pretty much stalks and loves all of Souji's pups too. <3

Nara does not yet know Souji very well, but thinks that his Icarus is lovable and his Bridget is perfect, and looks forward to many puppetry adventures together.

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