Sophie Rackham

Name: Sophie Rackham

Gender: Female

Age: 8+2

Fandom: The Crimson Petal and the White

Journal: sophie_darling

Typist: Wil

Quick Biography

Sometimes she has vague memories of London, of the tramways, of Big Ben, and of a mother who didn't remember having a daughter, of a father who barely bothered taking an interest in who she was. She remembers the terrifying new nurse, and the flight with Sugar, and although it is all very odd, she regrets nothing.


Small, blond and waif-like, with very blue eyes and very pale skin. She has a round face.


Initially very shy, Sophie has opened up since hanging out with Arianna (Kalush's daughter). She's a very tender and affectionate little girl with a tendency to put out impressive tantrums.


  • Family: Sugar, Caliban Leandros whom she considers her new papa. Iggy adopted her as his little sister (though in effect, through various adoptions, he's actually her uncle, sort of. Er.)
  • Lovers: She's a bit too young for that. :|
  • Score card (People they snogged without dating): NO-ONE AND WE ARE KEEPING IT THAT WAY.
  • Friends: Sophie adopted herself an impressive amount of uncles (Lucivar Yaslana, Khardeen, Richard Carstone, Caliban Leandros and Niko Leandros, Celegorm and Sandor Clegane to name a few). She fell in frienship with Alphonse immediately after seeing him and is learning to dance with Duck. She's also very very very fond of Iggy and thinks he is the bestest big brother ever. Also: Lystra, Asato Tsuzuki, Hisoka Kurosaki, Hunny, Eeyore, Mattie Ross and now her latest addition to the uncle collection, Dean Winchester.
  • Enemies: No-one! She's too adorable to hate!
  • Allies: See the army of 'uncles' above.
  • Affiliations (to a particular group, of origin, or not): None in particular.

RP Canon

In 2011

Sophie's life has been good so far in 2011. Her interactions include:

- During Senzaburu:

- Friends, old and new:

- With the Host Club:

  • hanging out with Icarus and Hunny at the club;
  • eating cake with Dean Winchester;

In 2010

With Gaheris disappearing and Caliban being ~away~ for a while, she's had a rough few months. However, she has taken to calling Cal "Daddy" upon his return, which is made of absolutely adorable. She also has Lucivar and Sandor both wrapped around her little finger, which is absolutely hilarious, particularly when they're in the same room. Sophie has also been adopted by Iggy as a lil sister! She's very happy.

Other interactions include, in no particular order:

  • Decorating the common room for the winter holidays with 11-12;
  • Befriended Alphonse, who is probably her bff at this point!
  • Is also very friendly with Asato;
  • Adopted Tsuzuki as an uncle and made cranes for New Year's Eve with him;
  • Met Bridget and Roger, and try to adopt the bear, with much much success;
  • Tried to learn ballet from Duck;
  • Played with Echo;
  • Met Eeyore and instantly adopted him as her friend;
  • Tried to help Harry Potter find the Deathly Hallows with no success at all;
  • Learned hat tricks from Hatter;
  • Greeted Lystra with very little decorum, and showed her the plothole;
  • Met the child version of Phoenix Wright and thought he was hilarious;
  • Befriended Riku Miyagusuku and was very happy to see another child around;
  • Tried to explain Christmas to Titus Groan with very little success;
  • Talked Wolfram Von Bielfeld into making decorations!

At ye Olde Mansion

For a time, she called Gaheris "Papa", and considered Arianna to be her best friend until her bff became a teen and started ignoring her :|. She also likes Karla and Kalush very much, and calls them "auntie". She's not sure where she stands with Sugar, but she loves her like a mother. Her main issue is that people are busy protecting her all the time. It's getting repetitive.

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