Sky High


  • Mike Mitchell


  • Michael Angarano
  • Danielle Panabaker
  • Steven Strait
  • Nicholas Braun
  • Dee Jay Daniels
  • Kelly Vitz


Brief Summary

On his first day at Sky High Will Stronghold, son of legendary Superheros The Commander and Jetstream (also known as Steve and Josie Stronghold) unlike the rest of his friends still hadn't manifested his superpowers. What's worse is that when he gets to school, he discovers that he'll be going to school with Warren Peace, son of a Superheroine and the legendary villain Baron Battle, and who holds a grudge against the Stronghold family because The Commander is the one who put his father in prison. Without powers, Will is put in the "Hero Support" (sidekick) class, with the kids who have less conventionally useful powers. It isn't until lunch though, when a prank by a pair of nasty older students sends Will's tray crashing into the back of Warren's head, that the boys come face to face. A fight ensues, with Warren dominating easily with his pyrokinetic abilities until he threatened Will's friends. This triggered Will's power (superstrength, like his father) and the match became fairly even until Layla tossed Will a fire extinguisher, which put Warren's flames out.

The situation between the boys remained a bit of a cold war after that, with Will distracted by catching the attention of senior beauty Gwen Stacy and Warren plagued by Layla wanting his help to make Will jealous (and subsequently all of Layla's sidekick friends). The growing relationship between Will and Gwen left Layla heartbroken and angry, but Gwen was only using Will to gain access to The Commander's Secret Sanctum, in order to steal an old fight trophy of his called The Pacifier. Hurt by things Gwen had said to Layla during a staged party, Will broke things off with her and as he was trying to make it up to her it was surprisingly Warren who pointed out how she really felt about him. Still upset from the party and failed attempt at meeting with Layla (and also half grounded from the party), Will decided not to attend homecoming even though his parents were receiving Heroes of the Year awards. After they'd left he discovered that the Pacifier was missing and, realizing that Gwen was the only person outside of the family who'd been let into the Sanctum, he realized he needed to get to Homecoming. He called up Ron Wilson, Bus Driver, who'd given him his card with contact information on the first day of school, and Ron took him to the school as quickly as he could.

Meanwhile, at Homecoming, Gwen revealed that she was in fact Royal Pain, the creator of the Pacifier who'd been turned into an infant when her creation (which was designed to turn adults into children) was damaged by the fight with the Commander. Her plot was to turn the entire population of the school; students, teachers, and The Commander and Jetstream; into children that she would then raise as Supervillains. She succeeded in turning everyone into babies except for Warren, Layla and her sidekick friends that Warren helped escape in the panic. Will arrived shortly after and went to deal with Royal Pain as Warren, Layla and the others stayed back to fend off her minions recruited from among the students. They were successful in defeating the other students but one revealed that Royal Pain had rigged the floating school to fall from the sky. The sidekicks went to disconnect the changes that Royal Pain had made to keep the school in the air while Warren and Layla ran to help Will. They arrived to see Royal Pain throw him out the window. Fortunately it turned out that Will also had his mother's superpower, flight. The sidekicks were successful in severing the connections and with Will's help slowing it the school was saved. He flew back into the building and helped apprehend Royal Pain, who was sent to prison with her minions, and fortunately the Mad Science professor was enough of a genius that even as an infant he was able to reverse the effects of the Pacifier and return everyone to their proper ages.

So, in the end, Will and Layla began dating, Will and Warren ended up best friends, and the Sidekicks got the recognition they deserved. Well, what did you expect from a Disney movie?

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