• J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Ed. by Cristopher Tolkien


Brief Summary

The Silmarillion encompasses many thousands of years of Middle Earth's history, from the creation of the world until the end of the Second Age.

Of the Creation of Middle Earth and the Divisions of the Elves.

Before there was anything else, there was Eru Illuvatar, who sang the Valar and the Maiar into existence. Together they sang the world into existence, but the Vala Melkor rebelled and his influence on the song left the world marred. Eru created also the Elves, or Eldar, who were the Firstborn, who did not grow old and did not die but through violence or heartbreak. Before they were awakened, the Vala Aule the Smith created the Naugrim, the Dwarves, against Eru's will. Eru was angry, but agreed to make the Dwarves sleep and allow them to awaken after the Eldar. After the Eldar awoke by the waters of Cuivienen, three of the mightiest, Ingwe of the Vanyar, Finwe of the Noldor and Elwe of the Teleri were taken by the Vala Orome to Valinor, the Blessed Realm, so that they might tell their people of what they had seen and bring their people to Valinor, for the world was a dark and dangerous place due to Melkor's interference in its creation. Some of the Elves refused and became known as the Avari, the unwilling. As the three peoples of the Elves made their way from the East where they had awakened to the Western shore, Elwe came upon the Maia Melian standing in the woods and was overcome with love for her. They stood there for a long time, his people tarried for as long as they could to search for him but in the end his brother Olwe took up his position as leader of the Teleri and lead all who would come with him back on the road west. Some stayed behind, some reluctant to leave Middle Earth, others reluctant to leave their King, and these became known as the Sindar. In time, the remaining Teleri joined the Vanyar and Noldor cousins in Valinor, though they remained ever on the coast and became great lovers of ships and sailing.

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