Name: Shilo Wallace

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Fandom: Repo! The Genetic Opera



Quick Biography

Shilo's mother Marnie died when she was born from, she'd always been told, a blood disease that Shilo herself had inherited. Her entire life was highly regulated and lived between doses of pills, medicine to control the disease. Her condition left her fragile and at high risk of infection, so that she was restricted to her house and often to her room by her father Nathan, and robbed her of her hair so that she grew up her entire life wearing a wig. Nathan was a talented doctor and surgan, who worked tirelessly to find a cure for the disease that had killed his wife and could kill his daughter. Shilo chafed under the restrictive rule of her father, longing to go outside and have a real life, which she could only indulge in fantasy by watching the Genetic Opera star Blind Mag sing on the giant video billboards floating where she could see them from her window and collecting insects.

Of course, as she discovered when she was seventeen, everything that she knew was a life.

Nathan hadn't been a doctor in seventeen years, he was a Repo Man, a government-sanctioned murderer who killed people for their designer organs when they couldn't pay their bills. Shilo's mother hadn't died of her disease, she'd died of a cure developed by Nathan but had secretely been sabatoged by his boss and Marnie's ex-fiance, Rotti Largo. Shilo had never been sick, Nathan's medicine was designed to mimic the disease to give him an excuse to keep her locked in her room, safe from a dangerous world. In the process of winning her freedom, Shilo loses her father and helps bring down Rotti Largo from his perch on top of Geneco.


Shilo is a small, slim girl with very pale skin and a long, straight black wig. She favors an almost goth look that isn't uncommon where she's from.


Shilo's a bit shy from being isolated from human contact for all of her life, but she's tougher than she looks and has a bit of a rebellious streak, at least where her father is concerned. She often finds the outside world overwhelming but she's willing to go a long way for what she wants. She sometimes has trouble relating to other people and dealing with certain emotions in relation to them, but she's working on it.


RP Canon

Entered: Feb. 26th, 2009
Having walked straight out the door of the Genetic Opera after watching her father's death and into a strange hotel in the middle of nowhere, Shilo was understandably in shock. Fortunately she was met by a familiar face, and really, the Graverobber was probably the person who'd helped her the most back home. He helped her again, getting her settled in and being a comforting presence when her father, mother and Blind Mag turned up. They ended up sort of together in a romantic sense, but it hadn't progressed beyond kissing occasionally. She also became friends with Geneviève Émery and by extension Warren Peace, Zhane and Andros. She was very distressed when one day she woke up and suddenly found herself in a strange mansion rather than the hotel. She misses Graverobber a lot, but she's glad to have been reunited with at least some of her friends. At the mansion she's met Lydia, who seems to have taken a motherly interest in her, Adrian Ivashkov who helped her build a snowman as they talked about books and offered to watch movies with her sometime, and met Kazutaka Muraki who has taken what will probably be an unhealthy interest in her.

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