Name: Scheherazade (various other spellings exists and are accepted - the typists are lazy and call her Schery)

Gender: Female

Age: 24 (20+4)

Fandom: Sherazade, les milles et unes nuits (musical)

Journal: vizir_daughter

Typist: Wil

Quick Biography

Humiliated by his adulterous wife, the sultan Soliman decides to revenge himself. Every night, a young woman disappears, taken for his wife and executed in the morning. Scherehazade and her younger sister Jasmina, the daughters of the Vizir Diran, plot to stop the massacres. Schery is to go, one night, to be the Sultan's wife. The 1001 nights which follow are those during which the princess tells the sultans so many tales, to remain alive. The sultan is slowly conquered, but Jasmina is kidnapped by the witch Djininnia, who is trying to destroy the budding love story. In order to save her little sister, Scherehazade will have to open once more the door to the tales she knows, with the words Once Upon A Time. Thankfully, Aladin and his friend the djinn are able to cross into the real world to put up a fight. Needless to say it's very dramatic, but it ends well.


Scherehazade's role was interpreted on stage by Rita Tabakh, who is tall, very slim and dark haired.


Scherehazade is a very well-versed young woman - a self-made scholar of sorts, with a tendency for plot more than psychology. She's very sweet and very forgiving, a bit of a romantic, and very well-intentioned, if not always aware of how to go about things.


RP Canon

2013 update:
Sherehazade got Dominic Cobb out of the rubble, and a cold to match. He seems to be kind of into her, and she… too. The rest remains to be seen.

At the New Mansion (in 2010)

She's now woken up from her sleep at the Mansion, is looking desperately for her lover and trying to make heads (or tails) of what happened. She's pretty sure she must have muttered Once Upon A Time in her sleep. Thankfully, she was happily reunited with the young Armand, though in the meantime, she met Mildmay and Oberyn. She's made friends in Echo and Light since (the latter is teaching her Japanese while she is teaching him Pahlavi), and has had an awkward conversation with her boyfriend about possible procreation, in the wake of their, hm, first time. She also had lunch with Utena and lent clothes to a newly arrived Victoria.

Further interactions include, in no particular order:

  • Befriending the now departed Adrian Ivashkov, whom she thought might be a djinn;
  • Meeting Altra, whom for a time she fed and housed regularly;
  • Being reunited with Armand St-Just (musical), which culminated in an intimate encounter, though she never saw him again after that.
  • Danced with Tsuzuki at the Spring dance.
  • Was awkwarded at by Celegorm during the asploding objects crackplot.
  • Befriended Echo, to whom she sometimes tells stories.
  • Was very polite to Fingon.
  • Greeted Hatter, Pavel Antipov, Schwanhelt Bulge and Kemir.
  • Befriended Iphigenia on her birthday.
  • Befriended Light Yagami, who has been teaching her Japanese while she teaches him Pahlavi. She spent quite a bit of time at his bedside after Aramat attacked him, and is slowly getting exposed to the darker side of both her friend, and the Mansion. And of course, she swears, they're Just Friends. Of course.
  • Consoled Natalie Goodman when it became clear that Adrian wasn't coming back.
  • Befriended Titus Groan and taught him to play Solitaire.
  • Greeted Wolfram, even if he is not a very polite boy.

On Ye Olde Boat

Schery arrived accidentally on the Boat, where she met (and befriended) Marguerite Blakeney, the younger Armand St-Just and Mary-Magdalene. She also met Sheila Franklin and a few others. Most of her time there was spent teaching Persian to Armand and learning French and English from him, with them eventually falling for each other.

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