Sherazade, Les Milles et Unes Nuits (Musical)


  • Libretto by Felix Gray
  • Music by Felix Gray
  • Lyrics by Felix Gray


  • Scherehazade
  • Sultan Soliman
  • Jasmina
  • Vizir Diran
  • Aladin
  • Djininnia
  • Amina
  • The djinn

Brief Summary

A fantasy retelling of the well-known plot: Diran's daughter Scherehazade must seduce the cruel Sultan Soliman, in order to put an end to his wife-slaughtering ways. However, Schery's story-telling opens portals into the world of tales, and when the evil witch Djininnia ensnares her little sister Jasmina in order to kill Scherehazade, everything goes awry. Thankfully, Aladin and his friend the djinn are able to cross into the real world to put up a fight. Needless to say it's very dramatic, but it ends well.

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