Name: Shar

Contact Information:
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Random Fun Facts:

Shar likes reading and writing, but not arithmetic. She believes that it's never too late to have a happy childhood. She's a geek, and often an insomniac.

She's also a military wife, and therefore moves around a lot. She likes that both friends and characters move with her; the internet is nice that way.

She's been RPing for quite a long time, and she still loves it more than ever. The voices in her head chatter a lot, but she's more than happy to give them an outlet in writing.

Literary Characters

(Can I say Book Characters? Because it's not all literature…)

American Gods

  • Bast

Butcher Bird: A Novel of the Dominion

Caliban Leandros Series

Harry Potter series

Kitty Norville series

Maximum Ride series

A Song of Ice and Fire

Video Media Characters


Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra (flashbacks)

The Big Bang Theory

The Gates


Spartacus (Starz)

Teen Wolf

The Walking Dead

The Young Riders


Pacific Rim

Sweet Home Alabama

Shameless Fellow Typist Love

- It's been an absolute joy getting to know Shar both OOC and through her puppet! So much love on this side! ^^ <3 - Wil
—Ref and all of her pups love Shar to bits, and we can't wait to see who turns up next… — Matrix Refugee
-Souji (and co) adore Shar (and pups) and we all tend to stalk. Just a bit. But in a good way!
-What about Shar hasn't been said? Well Pash loves and adores her and her puppet roster. That's something new.

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