Name: His main alias is Shadow Moon, but he also goes by Mike Ainsel. See the skills section for his real name.

Gender: Male

Age: 33 years old.

Fandom: American Gods

Journal: abadland4gods

Typist: Wil

Quick Biography

As said above, Shadow has nothing to lose when he gets out of prison - his wife and best friend dead, he is hired by a strange conman, Mr. Wednesday, only to be soon left to hide in an unfamiliar town, under a false identity, and told nothing but to keep his head down. Here Shadow starts to explore and discover, both in his new environment and within himself, while showing signs of sacrifice for the old gods and for Laura. It all goes downhill from there - let's just say that Shadow's life sucks a lot. That's as far as we can go with the non-spoilerific bio. Er.

Physical Abilities

- He's a strong fighter. Shadow is bigger than the average man, and went to jail for beating up two of his accomplices in a bank heist. This is a case of Beware the Nice Ones.
- He apparently can play a good game of checkers (can't he, Czernobog?) and has proven to be an apt driver.
- He used to be a personal trainer before his life wend down the drain.
- He's very good at performing coin tricks.

Superhuman Abilities

(He's basically a demi-god, believed to be Balder reincarnated, so we can take it from there…)
- He can make snow, when he thinks of it,
- He has dreams that are very likely precognitive (hello, Buffalo-man),
- He can project himself into someone else's personality (Mr. Town's, for example),
- He learned from Mad Sweeney how to pull gold coins out of thin air,
- He can alter human memories, though it's not an easy thing to do (see Chad Mulligan),
- He can also go 'backstage', as suggested by the manner in which he gives Sam Black Crow some flowers,
- Unless you shoot him with mistletoe, he ain't dying.

Unusual or Magical Possessions

None! He returned the coin to Zorya and the eye to the Icelandic Odin.


He is described as a large quiet man with skin the color of "coffee with cream". It's mentioned his eyes are grey, and he is asked if he is of Native American decent. However, the audience is not given further details of his features, or insight into the inner workings of his mind.


Quiet and observant, which leads others to peg him for a slow brute. However, he gets surprising bursts of inspiration at convenient times - which makes him, according to TVTropes, a Genius Bruiser. Despite his appearance, he has nothing to lose and nothing to go back to, so Shadow hardly lives up to any of the Warrior requirements. He is not on a solitary quest, his damsel is dead, and his only business seems to be slaying other peoples dragons. He gets his instructions, does his job (which is not to ask questions) and makes few choices of his own (although those he makes are heavy with consequence). Ultimately, however, Shadow is very concerned with justice and fairness, and prizes his peace above all else, befitting the Gentle Giant trope.


  • Family: Odin (Wednesday) and the rest of the Norse pantheon.
  • Lovers: Laura, Bast.
  • Score card (People they snogged without dating): None so far.
  • Friends: Mr. Jacquel, Mr. Ibis, Mr. Anansi, Chernovog, Zorya, Easter… Katniss
  • Enemies: Low-key, Wednesday, Mr. World, Mr. Wood, Mr. Town, Heinzelmann, etc.
  • Allies: Wiskeyjack, Chad Mulligan, Sam Black Crow.
  • Affiliations (to a particular group, of origin, or not): None, really. He's a bit of a lone peon.

RP Canon

Well, Shadow’s got a few things happening – he and Jacquel have (FINALLY) caught on to the fact that there might be some ancient deity at work at the Mansion. Seems to me like they probably should pursue this. He’s also still coping with having lost Laura a second time, but seems to be doing better this time around.

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