Seiichiro Tatsumi

Name: Seiichiro Tatsumi

Gender: Male

Age: Looks to be his mid to late twenties. Although since he's a Shinigami, he could be far older. (Typist is guessing that he could be a decade or two younger than Tsuzuki, give or take.)

Fandom: Yami no Matsuei

Journal: shadow_mastah

Typist: pashchan

Quick Biography

Tatsumi is the ever-suffering secretary/accountant/overall Liz Lemon/occasional field agent to the Ministry of Hades. His canon gives brief insight into the things he has done before he became a Shinigami, but never a full picture. He was born into Noble Blood perhaps around the 1920's. However a incident happened which caused his family to lose their wealth and fall out of favor. His mother, while gentle and kind, never really got used to living like the rest of the population. Her son however, took to it quite well and assumed responsibility for caring to his mother.

Sadly one day when he went out to work on a regular August day in 1945, he never came back home to his mother. (They lived around the Hiroshima area.) The last thing he remembers seeing is a shadow.

When he arrived in the Ministry of Hades, the place was practically swamped with Victims of the Bombing, and The Ministry had no idea on how to organize them for the Judging. Tatsumi was one of the people in that large crowd. While he was still suffering the emotional effects of the bombing, using his talents for organization, he managed to find a way to help organize the victims and came up with the plan to deal with h hordes of victims in case something like this should ever happen again. The higher ups in the Ministry were originally going to judge him as any other human, but decided against it once they saw how useful he might be to the summons department. He was taken under the wing of Tsuzuki, who accompanied him on missions as a partner, however the partnership did not work out well, as their personalities clashed. It was also during this time he learned Shadow Shifting, a mystical art that has a very high learning curve. (Because of this curve, only two people in the world master the art, Tatsumi and the person that taught him.) Because of this ability, he was deemed 'too dangerous' to be an active field agent and was instead transferred as the official Secretary and second in command of the summons department. He didn't mind it at all.
As of the Aftermath of the Kyoto Arc, he has recently gone looking for his former partner and friend that had gone through a portal to the outside of the Shinigami world and the known living world a year ago.

Physical Abilities

Most likely average as a man his age can be. (Like his headmate Phoenix, can also kick the shit out a door.)

Superhuman Abilities
  • Shinigami Powers: The Ability to Heal from anything shy of a divine flame, can turn invisible or even phase into a spirit form when needed, but he will not be able to turn invisible or phase into spirit form in the mansion.
  • Shadow Shifting: The Ability to control nearly any shadow around him and bend it to his will. Can be used for offense, as seen in the brief battle against Muraki in the Kyoto Arc. There are some drawbacks, he can only control his own shadow and background shadows and not anyone elses. Also he cannot shadow-shift if there are no shadows to speak of. He can also teleport with it, but he won't be able to do that in the mansion.
Unusual or Magical Possessions



Is tall, (Around 6'0) slim, with broad shoulders and is pretty physically fit for a Secretary. Has dark brown hair and sharp but still human dark blue eyes framed in glasses with a mole around his right eye. Is fond of brown, tailored clothes that look straight from the 1940's, as thats what he liked to wear when he died. Carries himself with a combination of both both utter stiffness and cool.


In the Ministry, Tatsumi is called "The Shadow Master", and with good reason. He is a (mostly) level-headed, organized, and almost scarily competent Shinigami that spends his skills paper-pushing. (Not that he minds, Tatsumi is a total bureaucrat to the end.) It's been implied in canon that without him, the Summons Department would be in disarray. (And despite what Konoe says, Tatsumi actually runs the Summons Department like a well oiled machine in the shadows, hence his nickname.) Is known to his friends and colleagues to hide a warm, almost nurturing side underneath a stiff, almost miserly, persona. It's also a very smart idea to not mess with those friends or run the risk of finding out why the Ministry didn't want him as an active field agent.


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RP Canon

(What's happened to them in previous RPs, and since they arrived here)

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