Sebastian (Ephemera Duology)

Name: Sebastian

Gender: male

Age: who knows? Looks about 19-20

Fandom: The Ephemera Duology



Quick Biography

Sebastian is a half incubus who spent most of his early life being driven out of every community he tried to settle in. About a year ago, his half sister Belladonna created a place for him and other outcast demons to live, the Den of Iniquity, where he's spent his days since. Only recently has he begun to get bored and dissatisfied with his sexalicious life, wanting a little something more (an incubus in love? what a novelty!).


Very, very pretty. Quite literally a man of your dreams. True-black hair, vibrantly green eyes that inspire sinful thoughts just by looking at you, middling height and of a fairly slender stature, lean but muscled. Looks nearly consistently like he just got out of bed. He can't help it.


Eternally polite, charming, and very intense. And inherently very sexual. He can't really help that, either. It wary, of course, about mentioning his true nature, and generally very at ease with ladies, not at all with men. It happens.

RP Canon


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