Sandman Slim

Name: James Butler Hickok Stark (aka Sandman Slim; The Monster that Hunts Monsters; Stark)

Gender: Male

Age: 29

Fandom: Sandman Slim

Journal: sandman_slim

Typist: Souji

Quick Biography

Eleven years ago, Stark was betrayed by his 'friends' and sent down to Hell. While still alive. While he was down there, he was tortured, and sent to fight in the arena. He didn't die. Instead, he managed to escape, with the Key to the Center of the Universe buried in his heart and a knife that he used to kill his Master (a favorite of Lucifer himself mind you) and sought his revenge. Killed a bunch of people, got the crap kicked out of him more than twice, and ended up saving the world and pissing a LOT of people off on both sides. Can't win 'em all.

Oh yeah, and he's half angel. He's got some daddy issues and there are rumors that his father might be the Fallen Angel himself. Don't ask.

Physical Abilities

He's good at killing things. Really, that's about it. Need something dead? Call Stark.

Superhuman Abilities

He's got magic, a lot of magic. Some of it human in origin, some of it Hellion, all of it nasty. He's also faster, stronger and more resilient than ordinary humans. He's like the biological equivalent of a tank.

Unusual or Magical Possessions
  • Key of Thirteen Doors (it unlocks the center of the universe and allows him to travel anywhere he wants as long as there are deep shadows. Currently unable to use it to leave the Mansion)
  • Black Knife (Hellion made knife, formerly belonging to Azrael. Kills what he wants it to kill, cuts what he wants it to cut, useful for stealing cars!)
  • Na'at (a small branch of thorn capable of changing it's form into any melee weapon he can think of -i.e. whip, spear, bat-)


Ugly. Okay, so maybe Stark was attractive at one point, but he sure isn't now. From the book:"… I'm bigger than when I went down, heavier with muscle and scar tissue, but still thin by human standards. I can still recognize the rough outline of my face, but it looks more like stone than flesh. My cheeks and chin are chiseled out of concrete; my eyes are dark, shining marbles above lips the color of dirty snow. I'm a George Romero zombie, except I've never been dead."

Stark is covered in scars. Burn scars, knife scars, bullet hole scars. He's even got a burn on his chest that looks like someone set a snake made of lava on his chest (it was the flaming sword of an angel if you must know). He's pretty proud of them and with good reason.


Rude. Blunt. A bit of a d*ck. Okay, a serious d*ckhead. He's got an attitude problem, anger management issues, and a love for violence and blood. He's also a good guy and hates seeing the little guy get stepped on. Mostly because he can kick the bigger guy square in the nads and laugh when he staggers away.


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RP Canon

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