Saetan Sadiablo

Name: Prince Saetan Daemon SaDiablo

Gender: male

Age: 50,000 +

Fandom: Black Jewels Trilogy

Journal: blackjewelmale

Typist: Matrix Refugee

Canon History

Saetan was born a bastard to a whore in the slums of Draega, the capital of Hayll in Terreille. As a full-blooded Hayllian (one of several long-lived races in the Realms), he easily expected, should he survive his youth, a life span of several thousand years. Those years gave him plenty of time to hone his ambitions. Little is known of his younger days except that, after he earned an uncut Red Jewel in his Birthright Ceremony, he was educated in the traditions of Blood Protocol, taught and developed a strict sense of honor, and served as Consort in several Courts. It was during this period he made friends with Andulvar Yaslana, an Eyrien Red-Jeweled Warlord Prince.

During those days, Terreille (the Realm of Light), still followed Protocol, the elaborate set of rules governing the behavior of Blood males and females to ensure no one was abused. The Blood used their Jewels and their Craft to care for the land and people in their Territories, landens (non-magical people) and Blood alike. To aid them, there were intelligent animals, called Kindred, who also used their gifts and Jewels to maintain the balance between a thriving, many-tiered society and the needs of the land. As a young Warlord Prince, the most volatile of the male castes, who wore Birthright Red, Saetan had great prospects. Red was the darkest Jewel one could get for a Birthright (as far as anyone knew anyway) since if a warlord or witch were strong enough for a full descent when making their adult Offering to Darkness, Red could descend to Black, the darkest Jewel possible (again so it was believed at the time). While not a naturally born Black Widow, usually a wholly female caste known for brewing drugs, potions and weaving tangled webs to predict the future, he apprenticed with the Hourglass Coven and learned the arts, becoming the first male Black Widow in history.

Even before making his Offering to Darkness, Saetan became the Consort to Witch, the Black Widow, Black-Jeweled Queen of Ebon Askavi named Cassandra. As Consort, he served in her First Circle. He loved and served Cassandra faithfully and with all his heart, but when he matured enough to make his descent, he earned a Black Jewel for himself. Cassandra grew frightened of him, since even though she also wore the Black, the differences in depth of power between her Jewels and Saetan's convinced her he was more powerful than she. So much power in a male was unprecedented. Coupled with the volatile temperament of a Warlord Prince, this power could rightfully give people leave to wonder who could curb Saetan should he slip over the killing edge.

Cassandra thought she couldn't. What she didn't know was that as long as she ruled his heart, Saetan's honor and loyalty would yield to her even if he were more powerful. So Cassandra faked her death and disappeared from Saetan's life and seemingly from the Realms altogether, but not before she wove one final tangled web. Using the knowledge from that web, she exacted a promise from Saetan. He would wait for the next Witch, however long she took in coming, for she was to be the "daughter of his heart."

Perhaps to further his ambitions outside of Ebon Askavi but more likely because his heart was empty, Saetan married a Red-Jeweled Priestess named Hekatah. He easily commanded respect among the Blood. As the sole male Black Widow, he was called the High Priest of the Hourglass. His unusually potent charm and abilities served him socially and politically. He became the Warlord Prince of Dhemlan, overseeing the Territory but not ruled by any of the Queens there. Dhemlan also occupied Kaeleer (the Shadow Realm). He earned enough influence and respect to become the High Lord of Hell (the Dark Realm) while he was still alive. He built SaDiablo Hall in all three Realms.

He loved his new wife and tried to deal with her aristo family fairly, but his idea of fair didn't compare to their idea of what was necessary to keep up aristocratic appearances or feed Hekatah's overwhelming ambition. She expected to become the High Priestess of Dhemlan just for her status as Saetan's wife, an aristo, and a Priestess. It didn't matter to her that other women may outrank her by the traditional rules of the Blood. Saetan didn't support her ambitions though he tried to honor her, especially when she started bearing his sons. First Mephis and then Peyton. Hekatah and her family tried to blackmail Saetan when the boys made their Birthright Ceremony, which is when paternity is officially acknowledged for all-time. Saetan managed to keep his connection with his two eldest sons.

But then Hekatah made the first of two terrible mistakes. The first was in favoring an unfair trade agreement with the Zuulaman islands. As a fair ruler, Saetan would not make concessions that hurt Dhemlan. Hekatah first placed herself and Saetan's newborn son as false hostages to sway his opinion. When that didn't work, she ruthlessly had the child slaughtered and sent to Saetan in pieces. The grieving father, still not fully aware of his wife's duplicity, agreed to the contracts to get her back safely and prepared to resign his position to nullify them and give control of Dhemlan back to the Queens.

As a Warlord Prince, Saetan was prone to their volatile temper and the other strong attachments dictated by being dark-Jeweled Blood. He was fierce in the protection of his family, other loved ones, and the people duty placed in his care. Over the years, he had developed amazing self-control but this outrage was too much for him. The child haunted him—he could not escape the baby's despairing and terrified cries. Driven beyond the killing edge, Saetan temporarily fell into grieving madness. When he came to himself the next morning, very weak with his Jewels drained near to the point of shattering them, still grief-stricken and confused, he found out from his friend, Prince Yaslana, that the island nation of Zuulaman was gone. Not one person, artifact or record existed any longer. It was if Zuulaman had never been, except for people's memories. And before long, very few would even remember it except as a legend. But the phantom baby stopped crying.

Perhaps in retaliation, perhaps just because she didn't understand the kind of man she'd married, Hekatah bedded and bore a son to Saetan's friend, Andulvar Yaslana. Their child Ravenar, was the source of one of the most prestigious Eyrien bloodlines. Centuries later, Luthvien, who bore a child to Saetan after her Virgin Night, claimed descent from Ravenar and Andulvar. The pregnancy ended Hekatah and Saetan's marriage on a sour note that cemented their enmity for all time. Hekatah even sought to poison Peyton's mind against his father by convincing the girl that he loved that Saetan would not accept her because she wasn't good enough to be his daughter-in-law. Peyton blamed Saetan, and even when they were partially reconciled during the subsequent war between Terreille and Kaeleer, father and son were never as close.

The war destroyed many lives. Peyton and Mephis were both killed. Hekatah instigated the war by fostering fear of Saetan, the High Lord of Hell and the most powerful male alive. According to her, Zuulaman could happen anywhere for no reason at all. Hadn't he done it once already? Who controlled this strong male who didn't answer to any Queen. The Blood in Terreille were frightened. The Blood in Kaeleer fought back. Both Realms were devastated. After the war, Saetan dropped out of the public eye, retreating to live primarily in Hell. Andulvar and Mephis became demon dead, a state very strong-willed Blood can attain after their physical deaths, and lived nearby. Saetan made the transition to Guardian, neither dead nor alive. Like the demon dead, he required blood for sustenance though not huge quantities and was vulnerable to sunlight. In trade, he acquired the longer life span to wait for Witch. As the years passed, the High Lord of Hell and the High Priest of the Hourglass became more legend than memory. Nearly fifty-thousand years passed.

By that time, Hekatah too was demon dead and still hadn't abandoned her ambitions. A Red-Jeweled Priestess, Dorothea, ruled Hayll and her influence undermined the purity of the Blood everywhere, especially in Terreille. As the taint of Dorothea's influence spread, the Blood forgot their responsibilities in their pursuit of privilege and pleasure. Dorothea began using the weaker males around her to trap and leash the stronger males with restraining rings around their male organs. These Rings of Obedience could control even a dark-Jeweled male with enough pain to cow the man's spirit. Strong warlords and higher castes became slaves or were killed. The fate of strong witches was even worse.

It was difficult enough to break a male, sever him from the strength of his Jewels, that it never happened accidentally. However, women were especially vulnerable to being broken on their Virgin Night during their first introduction to sex. A caring male would guide a young witch through this night delicately to retain her power. But now, Dorothea encouraged the sport of breaking witches, especially dark-Jeweled queens, until all the Territories in Terreille were ruled by light-Jeweled Queens who looked to Dorothea either in fear or awe. The weaker males loved this power to dominate and destroy strong witches. And with the stronger males chained, the tainted Blood grew ever more influential. It didn't seem anyone could oppose Dorothea's plans.

In order to have a tame source of darker Jewel power, Dorothea and Hekatah schemed to get control of another living child of Saetan's. As a Guardian, Saetan was not normally capable of engendering children any longer, but he was persuaded that it would be a good idea and took magical potions to restore the function to him. He chose a broken Black Widow, Tersa, to bear his son, which he registered as his namesake, Saetan Daemon SaDiablo. He spent time with mother and child during Daemon's early childhood, but Dorothea schemed to deny him paternal rights at Daemon's Birthright Ceremony. Bound by Protocol and honor, Saetan was forced to abandon his son to Dorothea's court and the life of a bastard slave. Dorothea even took the child's name and mother from him, claiming he was the child of her weak cousin and recording his name as Daemon Sadi.

Shortly after Daemon's birth, Tersa, who still had a great measure of respect from Saetan, begged him to see a Black Widow friend hers through her Virgin Night. For reasons of her own, Luthvien claimed to be taking contraceptives and not to be her fertile. She woke the next morning with her Jewels intact, but pregnant. She blamed Saetan. Again, he tried to stay close as father to this son, Lucivar, even though he was surprised that the child was born with wings. He'd thought Luthvien was Dhemlanese not Eyrien. Eyriens were a fiercely traditional warrior race of long-lived Blood who were marked by their bat-like wings and ability to fly on those wings assisted by Craft. It was only then that Luthvien told Saetan that she was descended from Ravenar, thus from Saetan's ex-wife and Eyrien friend. Hekatah poisoned Luthvien's mind against Saetan with whispered rumors of what it was to be a Guardian. Luthvien, being protective in her own mind, wanted to cut off Lucivar's wings and let him grow up without them. Saetan threatened to kill the child, whom he saw as Eyrien in his soul, if she did that. That was the last straw for Luthvien. Within the same day that Saetan lost his claim on Daemon, Luthvien took the slightly younger Lucivar and turned him over to the Eyriens to be raised in their hunting camps as a bastard. Lucivar became a slave as well.

There was nothing Saetan could do but wait and hope. Eventually, there was a stirring in the Shadow Realm, even in Hell. Something strange was happening on the island where the demon dead children lived. Saetan was shown a beautiful illusory butterfly and then met the girl who made the butterfly. Jaenelle. He knew her immediately for what she was. Witch. She had come. But she was elusive about her origins, refusing to tell Saetan her family name or where she lived. He taught her and loved her as the daughter of his soul but could little to protect her while she lived with her relatives by birth.

By the time Jaenelle was twelve years old, she had friends all over Kaeleer and a beginning of an education in Craft from Saetan. He discovered the depth of her power when she revealed that her Birthright Ceremony had earned her one of every Jewel color but the Black. She had thirteen uncut Black Jewels. Jaenelle refused to leave her home because of wanting to protect her elder half-sister and a misguided hope that her family could love her. Saetan was forced to watch the results of her family's periodic attempts to commit Jaenelle to a local institution for supposedly high strung Blood girls. Briarwood was in truth a brothel where Blood males tortured and raped and broke the young witches who'd been committed.

Jaenelle developed individual ties with Saetan and his two youngest sons, so that on the night when she could fight back no longer and was brutally raped by one of Hekatah and Dorothea's minions, Saetan was able to act through Daemon to try to rescue her and bring her safely to Kaeleer. Jaenelle was so badly hurt she retreated deep into the Abyss, the psychic well where the Blood measure their power. Even combined Daemon and Saetan could not reach her. The link was broken and Daemon fell alone into the Abyss, where he was able to lure Witch back to consciousness and reclaim her badly abused body. Then Cassandra took Jaenelle through the gate at her Altar to Kaeleer, and Daemon fled in another direction.

Saetan took custody of Jaenelle, officially adopting her. She took two full years to heal enough to regain full consciousness. Eventually, her friends started looking for her, and Saetan discovered that in adopting Jaenelle, he'd acquired nearly a dozen powerful young witches and their male friends as honorary nieces and nephews. He learned to deal with them with a mixture of humor, discipline and indulgence. Dorothea and Hekatah tried to stir opinion against him frequently with accusations of parental misconduct and sexual abuse, but he and Jaenelle answered those challenges with a show of power that chilled their enemies. Saetan considered Jaenelle his daughter and aspired to the Steward of her court when she grew to adulthood. Jaenelle had already sought out and chose Lucivar and Daemon for the other positions of her Blood Triangle. She would accept Lucivar as First Escort and chose Daemon as her Consort. If they could find him.

Lucivar found his own way to the Kaeleer, but even after Jaenelle was forced to make her Offering to Darkness to defend the Kindred territories in Kaeleer, they could not find Daemon. Daemon had gone to Lucivar after the incident at Cassandra's Altar, and Lucivar, believing Daemon had killed Jaenelle had brutally spurned his half-brother, which sent the man stumbling into the Twisted Kingdom of Madness. Years later, five years after Jaenelle formed her court, Daemon emerged from his madness and traveled to Kaeleer. In his confusion, he still believed he had killed Jaenelle and came only to exact revenge on his father, Saetan. Lucivar brought him home to SaDiablo Hall, where Saetan was overjoyed to have all his living children reunited. Jaenelle's healing gift with potions and tonics had restored so much of his health that he was enjoying a healthy love affair with Sylvia, the Queen of Hallaway.

The battle between the tainted Blood led by Dorothea and Hekatah was just heating up again. Tangled webs from many sources pointed to the last great battle to purge the tainted Blood, giving clues to eventual success. Jaenelle decided, not telling anyone but the Arachnian Queen until nearly the end, that she would fight war herself. Not Kaeleer against Terreille, for that would destroy every Warlord Prince and Queen in Kaeleer, but Witch against Terreille. Saetan didn't understand what she was doing. Lucivar didn't understand. Even Daemon didn't understand, though she explain it to him except for one bitter truth to gain his help in buying time and protecting Lucivar and Saetan.

Father. Brother. Lover. The Blood Triangle that could stand around the Queen and protect her as she protected them. Lucivar's wife and son were kidnapped. He went to rescue them and was captured. Saetan knowingly walked himself into the trap in the small hope that he could save Lucivar. Following warnings and her own plans, Jaenelle sent Daemon to rescue them and deceive their enemies while she gathered her strength to unleash a maelstrom to destroy the Blood. She set up a web and spells to try to save the untainted with the help of the demon dead. The Kindred and the Arachnians set up their own webs and spells to try to save her from herself.

They succeeded. The final morning dawned with the Blood in Terreille decimated, most of Kaeleer saved. Hekatah and Dorothea were dead. And the Queen of Ebon Askavi was no more, though Jaenelle physically survived the ordeal. Saetan, damaged and aged in spirit by the brutality of the final deadly dance, handed over his family responsibilities to Daemon and Lucivar and retired to the Keep to be a historian/librarian.

Superhuman Abilities

Craft: magical abilities possessed by all Blood, enhanced by his Jewels, which allows him to create witchlight and witchfire to light a room or warm something; to call or vanish items from a compartment of hammerspace (for lack of a better term), even to move objects about.

As a Warlord Prince, he is capable of "killing a person dead", as it were, up to and including leaving nothing but a scorch-mark, as it were; he's even made a whole country Never Ever Exist, but of course, at the Mansion, he won't be capable of this, though if a typist is willing, he could obliterate a pup completely. Also, will only do this if Severely Provoked to Defend His Family.

As a male Black Widow, he is capable of creating Webs, to heal or to entrap or to create illusions.

Unusual or Magical Possessions
  • Birthright Jewels: Red
  • Jewels of Rank: Black
  • Weapons: Snake Tooth under the nail of his right ring finger: Since he isn’t a natural born Black Widow, Saetan cannot make his own venom. When he has to milk his tooth dry, he mixes up a safe poison potion, which his body converts into venom.


Saetan is full-blooded Hayllian with golden brown skin and golden eyes. His black hair is long enough to brush his shirt collar with silver at the temples. Even though he's shorter by a few inches (say 5'11"), he is often mistaken for Daemon at a distance. Daemon is sometimes called his father's mirror. Upon approaching it is possible to see that Saetan is older, with a few lines of care on his handsome face. He is handsome and very attractive for a man who seems to be in late middle-age but not beautiful.

He seems very fit for his age, even undressed, except that he favors one leg and limps, usually needing a cane if he has to walk too far unless he's been getting frequent doses of Jaenelle's tonics. He also has a poisonous snake's tooth under the nail of one of his long black-tinted fingernails. He isn't a natural Black Widow and the tooth was acquired by the craft of a Black Widow.

He always wears his Steward's ring with his Black Jewel on his left hand, which only emphasizes the loss of his pinky finger on that hand.


Saetan is the epitome of what it means to be a Warlord Prince. He is cultured, educated, honorable and deadly. Except on rare occasions, he's courteous and soft-spoken, though never lets himself be mistaken for weak. When he gives his love and loyalty, he gives all of it. And when honor demands he make hard choices, he does everything he can to make the right choice.

As a father, he's warm and loving, the picture of patience. He goes out of his way to treat his children with respect. He'll lock himself into his study under shields rather than let a child know he or she has driven him to hysterical laughter or worse. No matter how improbable the question, he'll always give an answer, even if that answer is that he doesn't know or he that he'll answer when the child is older.

As a husband and lover, he's the picture of courtesy, seldom showing his temper except when pushed to extremes. Much to the chagrin of his only spouse, he's unfailingly honest with his lovers, even when a white lie would make things go smoother. His skill in bed earned him several nicknames in his youth, such as the Seducer.

As a ruler, he is scrupulously fair, not letting personal concerns or greed color the difficult decisions he has to make to govern. Though as the High Lord of Hell, he earned the fear that the living accorded him. If one of the Blood died with crimes still on their slate and became demon dead, they had to answer to him personally, sometimes in his special study, and not even the spirit survived those interviews.

So with all these positive qualities in his favor, the balancing factors come from his nature as a Warlord Prince. If you annoy him, beware his wits. If you anger him, write your will. When Jaenelle's biological grandmother and parents (it is still largely believed that Phillip Alexander was Jaenelle's biological father instead of the man who was married to her mother) came to visit the Hall in a misguided attempt to regain control of Jaenelle and Wilhemina, her half-sister, whom they believed to be in danger from the High Lord, Saetan planned their deaths in an elaborate manner that would take days for them to die. He especially meant to torture Lady Alexandra Angelline, Jaenelle's grandmother, whom he believed deliberately sent Jaenelle to be starved and tortured at Briarwood when she was only a child. He formally asked permission of Jaenelle, who ruled Ebon Askavi as Queen then, and was denied permission for the executions, to his great disappointment. For a Warlord Prince, the rules of Protocol and honor are only a thin veneer of civilized behavior that lets them know what is acceptable and what isn't most of the time and leaves to their Queens and ladies the final decision in matters where a Warlord Prince's judgment may fail due to their volatile tempers.

This all being said, set Saetan next to his son, Daemon, and he seems mild, if only because the centuries have given him a lot of experience in controlling his temper. One can still tell he's angry from the soft, crooning voice, glazed eyes and ambient temperature drops as he rises to the killing edge at the depth of his powerful Black Jewels, but if there are honorable reasons to curb that anger, he will, even at a great cost to himself, either physical or psychological. And yet, he has a very tolerant sense of humor with those he trusts and loves, giving him a kindly, grandfatherly air in those settings.


  • Family: Jaenelle Angelline, Lucivar Yaslana
  • Lovers:
  • Score card (People they snogged without dating):
  • Friends:
  • Enemies: Curufin
  • Allies:
  • Affiliations (to a particular group, of origin, or not): the Blood

RP Canon

Saetan comes and goes. He's currently mostly interested in Jaenelle's new Landen consort, Niko.

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