Rupert of Hentzau

Name: Rupert of Hentzau

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Fandom: Prisoner of Zenda



Quick Biography

A young nobleman of the worthy house of Hentzau, Rupert comes from a line of dashing, daring, clever and flirtatious nobles (see Frederick of Hentzau, aka the Bishop of Modenstein, his grand-uncle, of The Heart of Princess Osra (highly typist-recommended as being like Prisoner of Zenda but ALL LOLS)). As a boy, he was charming and charismatic, the type of child who could get away with anything and got a bit spoiled because of it. He charmed tarts from the cook, kisses from the chambermaids (even if they were twice his age and him barely out of swaddling) and forgiveness from his mother no matter what his crimes. His father was disinclined to actively parent his son, and died while Rupert was still young, so there was no one but Rupert’s long-suffering mother to try and tame him.
The House of Hentzau was no longer as rich as it once had been, which kept Rupert from becoming petulantly spoilt, and forced him instead to be clever.
In his teens, Rupert broke his mother’s heart by keeping multiple mistresses in her house, to the shame of the noble name of Hentzau, and Rupert is sometimes accused of killing her because of the shame and heartbreak. It’s one of the few things that can genuinely guilt him, because he did love his mother and never understood why she insisted on fussing over trying to save his soul.
By the age of twenty-two, Rupert was second-in-command to “Black” Michael Elphburg, the Duke of Strelsau, and aided him in masterminding a bid for the throne. Black Michael died at the treacherous hands of Rupert himself, in a quarrel over a woman (among other things), and Rupert escaped scot free to come back for more trouble in the sequel, but we pick him up from the end of the first book.

Physical Abilities

An adept horseman and an expert swordsman, Rupert is quick and skilled with a sword, a gun (although of course he’s only familiar with guns from his era), or unarmed combat. In the book, he takes on four men with swords and wins without breaking a sweat.

Superhuman Abilities

He’s human, despite how often he is accused of being either the spawn of the devil or the devil himself.

Unusual or Magical Possessions

He carries an excellent sword of 19th century Ruritanian craftsmanship.


Rupert is the very definition of the phrase ‘handsome devil’. He’s only 22 in his book canon, and heartbreakingly attractive. Curly blond hair, trim figure, classically handsome features and a dashing grin. He dresses in the height of fashion from Europe in the late 1800s, reflecting both money and taste and just a dash of carelessness that gives him the look of having come fresh from the bedroom (which is true more often than not). He is represented by Alex Pettyfer.


A line from the book describes that “young Rupert went about Satan's work with a smile in his eye and a song on his lip.” Shameless, dashing, flirtatious, and wicked as the day is long, Rupert has no end of charm and not even a drop of morals. In the book, he is presented as the wicked mirror of the protagonist: both of them are charming, accomplished, and even noble, but while Rudolf is honest and true to the core, Rupert hasn’t a shred of decency in his heart. It is all but explicitly stated in canon that he is bisexual, and ruins the honor of young women and men both without even a thought for his own honor. He flirts openly with the protagonist, tries to bed every pretty girl in the book (and succeeds with most). He has no sense of loyalty, ends up killing his own master over a woman, and tries repeatedly to murder the protagonist. And yet he is regarded by the author, the protagonist, and just about everyone else with a fond exasperation. The protagonist has a kind of fond "can someone please just hang that dapper bastard already" and he and Rupert have an ongoing “I’m going to kill you but I’m not going to stop flirting with you to do so.” Rupert will steal your wife and try to kill you, but he do so while flirting and sassing constantly.


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