Robin Goodfellow

Name: Robin Goodfellow, Rob Fellows, Loman, Puck, Pan

Gender: Male

Age: Immortal, looks in his 20s.

Fandom: A Midsummer Night's Dream, Caliban Leandros Series

Journal: rob_fellows

Typist: Wil

Quick Biography

Robin Goodfellow is the right hand man of Lord Oberon of the fae. Sent to acquire a magical flower, the juice of which can be spread over a sleeping person’s eyelids to make that person fall in love with the first thing he or she sees upon waking, the good Puck makes a few mistakes in following his lord’s exact orders on who to afflict with the love potion. (A good summary of it all can be found here.)
Taken however much later in his life, he will deny all of the above and tell you that Shakespeare was on crack - he admits that Shakespeare gave him a lot of press, but not more than that - he likely knew Bill, but that's as far is inspiration goes. He poses as a car salesman in New York, and is the first ally the Leandros Brothers make in their fight against the Auphe. The pucks, in his current fandom (Caliban Leandros Series) were actually a people, like the trolls, the fairies, the elves (auphes), the werewolves, etc. He just happens to be the last one around.
He'll pretty much tack on to the Leandros brothers out of boredom, but he proves a useful ally, both because of his knowledge of the surnatural, and because he can hold his own in a fight - even if he'll be cursing about the damage to his silk shirt all along.


Puck is a rather attractive young man. He's described by Rob Thurman as dark-haired, with mischievous green eyes and a bit of a leer when it comes to engaging ladies. Apparently, he can shape shift, and no, he's got no goat legs - that was just a very early attempt at changing fashion with ill-advised fur chaps. Whether the attractive young man appearance is his original one or not, we honestly can't tell.


Puck is generally just a good natured and fun-loving trickster. As he explained once in chat (under Heathbar's typing services), he is often disliked due to the fact that he has an ever-changing state of personality – one moment being like a child, the next being fully sane and reasonable and the next being a rather horny and almost unforgivable flirt. He's also horribly talkative, and can be considered as self-serving and selfish, but he's deep down a good guy who would put his life on the line for his friends, or the salvation of humanity.
He particularly enjoys amusing the children and teasing the adults, but his every-changing state effects how he acts in relation to others at any given time. He can also do small parlor trick and bits of trickster magic, such as pulling things out of thin air, enlarging things, shrinking things, turning himself into an animal and so on and so forth. When fully sane and reasonable, he is an interesting conversationalist, one simply has to understand that such a situation is not going to last forever. He is also extremely loyal to those whom he likes and always defends that which he believes is right. And well, being an immortal, he's pretty much traveled everywhere, and speaks just about every language known to man.

Also, he's apparently the ~King of Aquatic Snoggin~, having, in the same month, snogged Echo in the lake during a swim, gone to third base with Tsuzuki in the shower and er, entertained Favrielle in a bathtub. >.> This amuses the typist much more than it should.

And in case no-one had noticed, Robin is a slut. This will never change.


RP Canon

In 2011

Robin's life is mostly made of much snogging and some discreet emoing in 2011. The following interactions were had:

  • being cute with Asato Tsuzuki for Chinese New Year;
  • meeting Hunny and finding out about the Host Club;
  • meeting Hisoka when Cyrano de Bergerac's play's casting results came out and learning from him that something was going on with Tsuzuki (which didn't surprise Robin but hurt his feelings);
  • emo-ing on the porch at Iphigenia and Caliban Leandros;
  • sexing up Paulinka Erdnuss and Henry Fitzroy (not at the same time, though wouldn't that be hot);
  • Re-meeting an amnesic Adrian Ivashkov;
  • Flirting in a friendly and platonic way with Natalie Goodman at the Basement Bar party;
  • braiding Echo's hair;
  • reminiscing with Khardeen at Saetan SaDiablo's sort-of wake;
  • having awkwardly painful conversations with Tsuzuki regarding the situation with Hisoka and attempting to step down in favor of a stronger rival.

In 2010

Typist is lazy and therefore is going to list relevant interactions for the year, please forgive and correct any possible omission:

  • Befriended Adrian Ivashkov and got epically drunk with him and Khardeen at the Spring dance - Adrian later introduced 11-12 to Robin, though nothing came of it other than a pleasant conversation;
  • Slept with Tsuzuki, and was effectively his first male lover - they seem to be moving steadily towards more than a casual dalliance, though Robin remains an irredeemable flirt as evidenced by his escapades with Tony Foster and Favrielle;
  • He's very protective of Echo, whom he's managed to sleep with, and is quite fond of;
  • Greeted [[[Idril Celebrindal], but then never saw her again;
  • Is taking first aid lessons with Muraki - but he's mostly trying to get an in for Tsuzuki's investigation. Robin had a serious talk with Caliban and Niko Leandros about Muraki, though his involvement is remaining secret to all, save Tsuzuki and Henry Fitzroy;
  • Snogged Natalie Goodman, not knowing this was his friend's girlfriend;
  • Still enjoys Paulinka Erdnuss's libertarian ways when he can.
  • Played Poker with Remy Lebeau, whom he's identified as a professional player.
  • Has hung out with Richard Dinardo in the past;
  • Gave sexual advice to Titus Groan, not knowing that it would benefit his ex-girlfriend (not that he minds);
  • Snogged very gleefully Tony Foster and finally established the connection with his bff.
  • Befriended Utena Tenjou and doesn't quite realize that he has a fangirl.

At Ye Olde Mansion

He is pulled out of his fandom in the middle of Darkling's escapade, and Niko's search for his brother in Central Park. See Caliban Leandros's wiki for details, his typist was horribly lenghty about it.
So far, he's had the following interactions on arrival:

  • chatted and mildly flirted with Helen Rossi;
  • met Ariel - that was a bit on the strange side;
  • almost killed Cal, realized he wasn't Darkling anymore, and enjoyed a happy reunion with him;
  • met Loki, which he totally recognized and gaped at;
  • got snarled at a little by Lucivar Yaslana after Anita Blake was brought up and his horny nature came out;
  • was happily reunited with Cassandra of Troy;
  • had a confusing conversation with Firekeeper;
  • had a cheerful snog with Bastas (he thinks he's pretty);
  • recognized Henry Fitzroy;
  • heard gossip about Cal from Jaenelle Angelline;
  • also snogged Oberon - that was strange as hell.

He also took Cal out for some catching-up booze, met Anita Blake (he thought she'd have wings like Lucivar, haha), and snogged very cheerfully Beka Cooper, and then very drunkenly snogged Melena Thropp. He's also renewing his friendship with Henry and getting scolded about his drinking by Helen.

ETA: He also snogged, very gleefully, Molly Seagrim. We anticipate a lot of awkward with Cal if/when he finds out.
And now in the wake of the Anita!Fail, Robin is now busy with patching up BFF Henry Fitzroy and trying to figure out what happened to Anita, against the orders of Niko, who is keeping everyone he cares about away from her. Unfortunately for the Puck, that means talking to Lucivar. Joy. In the midst of that the subject of vampires came up with Helen and it looks like they aren't quite buds any more. Sniffle.

ETA2: After lots of emoing, Robin is mostly busy worrying about vamp!Helen Rossi and greeting people, lately Elia Martell, whom he is flirting with shamelessly. He and Iphigenia managed to become friends and even talk about ~intimate~ things, particularly after she snogged Dionysus.

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