River Tam

Name: River Tam

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Fandom: Firefly

Journal: itsnotrelevant

Typist: Meg

Quick Biography

River Tam is the younger sister of Simon Tam and the daughter Gabriel and Regan Tam on the Alliance core planet Osiris. She was a child prodigy, excelling at everything the tried from theoretical physics to dance. Already taking University courses at the age of fourteen, she was recruited by an Academy offering what seemed at first to be an exciting new program for brilliant students like her. In actuality she and the other "students" were subjected to torturous experiments designed to create perfect psychic soldiers. Among the experiments she was subjected to, one of the surgeries that involved cutting into her brain was meant to strip her amygdala, which her brother and brilliant doctor Simon said destroyed her ability to push emotions to the 'back of her mind,' leaving her feeling everything, all the time. She was able to send a message (They're hurting us. Get me out) to her brother encoded in a letter and through a great deal of money and luck Simon was able to break River out of the Academy and smuggle her in a cryogenic chamber to the planet Pandora, where he booked passage of a Firefly class ship named Serenity captained by a man named Malcolm Reynolds, bound for Boros.

Her psychic abilities mean that she can pick up information from other peoples' minds, sometimes whether she wants to or not. She'd picked up information about a heinous disaster caused by the Alliance on the planet Miranda during a visit by government officials and the strain of keeping that knowledge, the memories that weren't hers, contributed to the fracturing of her mind. Making that information known seems to have helped her stability.

Physical Abilities

River always loved to dance. She is graceful in her ordinary movements, as well as an amazing dancer in styles varying from folk step dancing to ballet. She has a talent for drawing as well, creating detailed and beautiful drawings with colored pencils.

You also don't want to fight her. You really don't. The Academy meant to form her into a perfect weapon, and when required she can take on twenty or thirty armed and dangerous men (or Reavers) and not only come out alive, but win. Starting unarmed. Her impressive powers of waif-fu resemble a balletic Kung-fu/Kickboxing hybrid. She can also kick you in the head from the other side of a pillar.

Superhuman Abilities

River was always very intuitive, able to read people well through intonation and body language. She may have had some latent psychic ability, because since the Acadamy played with her brain she's a Reader, mildly telepathic and has shown an ability to read the thoughts and memories of people she comes in contact with.

She is also a genius, possessing a level of intelligence that makes her gifted older brother look like an "idiot child." She started correcting his spelling when she was three, and at five or six was correcting his math textbooks. Her mind holds an incredible amount of knowledge, even if it tends to come out in odd ways at times. Even under the duress of the Acadamy's "training" and torture she was able to encode a message to her brother in a letter. However, because of her extensive mental issues, she is often unable to convey information effectively (or in a way that makes sense to anyone but herself).

Also, she can kill you with her brain.
How that works, we don't really know.


River is small, short and slim with a dancer's build, large eyes, and long dark hair. Combined they can make her look even younger than she is. She looks frailer than she is and with her background in dance she is very flexible and her movements are usually graceful.


This depends in large part on her mood, the people around her, and if the meds are working today. It can very wildly, from childlike to older than her years, from lucid if a little odd to, on her bad days, incoherence and screaming. She has a unique way of looking at the world, both disassociative from reality and experiencing it with painful immediacy. Because of the modifications made to her brain by the Academy she also has far less control over her emotions, and is unable to push things to the 'back of her mind.' Simon called her a paranoid schizophrenic, though it's nothing as simple as a standard mental disorder, however complex they may be.

When she's lucid, River is a sweet, smart, playful girl who sees wonder in the universe. She's just a kid, and that's all she wants to be.


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