Richard Dinardo

Name: Richard DiNardo

Gender: male

Fandom: Victor Victoria



Quick Biography

In 1930's Paris, Richard makes his living sleeping with people for money. In the recent past, he'd been Carole "Toddy" Todd's live-in lover, but they had a falling out over money and Richard's deplorable attitude about Toddy in general. So when Richard returned later to collect some of his clothing and other things left in Toddy's apartment, he and Toddy exchanged words again, but to Richard's surprise someone, wearing one of his own suits, jumped out of the wardrobe to punch him and order him out of the room. He later complained to his new rich friends that the culprit broke his nose.

He ran into his nemesis again at Chez Lui where Toddy was performing with the new talk-of-the-town, Count Victor Grazinski. Victor, none other than soprano Victoria Grant in drag and Richard's former assailant, tripped Richard, starting another fight. During the row, she punched him again, and when she escaped the riot and the police in the company of her new beau, King Marchand, Richard and everyone else still at Chez Lui were dragged off to jail.



Richard is relatively tall, slender and handsome in a cynical way. He has dark hair and eyes with a narrow, sharp-featured face.


Richard uses people. He drinks, smokes and sneers his way through life and just doesn't seem to get it when other people resent this. When he got tired of Toddy, he helped himself to his wallet. He's as rude to almost anyone except the rich friends he hangs out with after he leaves Toddy. It's unclear which of them he's sleeping with, since the party often spends time among the gay clientele at Chez Lui, but they keep him well. He has no regard for other people's feelings, though he is too lazy to go out of his way to taunt someone. Usually, he'll settle for being unpleasant to people who come to him.


  • Family:
  • Lovers:
  • Score card (People they snogged without dating):
  • Friends: Johnny Rockfort
  • Enemies: Victoria Grant (though he knows her as Victor Grazinski), InĂ©s
  • Allies:
  • Affiliations (to a particular group, of origin, or not):

RP Canon

Determined to have it out with the person who punched him, Richard stormed Toddy's apartment building to find himself instead at the hotel. As soon as it was clear he didn't have to lift a finger to support himself, he proceeded to become an even lazier lounge lizard than he was in Paris. He occasionally pretends to be helpful to people who look lost in the lobby, but mostly he just smokes his cigarettes and reads magazines.

At the Mansion he made friends with fellow smoker and cynic, Johnny Rockfort, but a wrench was thrown into the works when Richard was made into a younger female version of himself for a short time. Johnny hit on her and brought up unforeseen issues in Richard's head. He's not very happy with the world right now.

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