Remy Lebeau

Name: Remy LeBeau, Gambit, Le Diable Blanc

Gender: Male

Age: His driver's license says 24, but would you really believe that?

Fandom: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Journal: jacksoverfives

Typist: Meg

Quick Biography

Remy LeBeau never knew his birth parents. In fact, he doesn’t know his exact age or birthday. All he knows is that he spent the first few years of his life an orphan and a thief. Some things never change. As a child he also met and became friends with a girl his age named Bella Donna Boudreaux, who happened to be the heiress of the Assassins Guild. When he was around ten years old he was caught picking the pocket of Jean-Luc LeBeau, head of the LeBeau clan and the New Orleans Thieves Guild. He took the boy under his wing, eventually adopting him and giving him the LeBeau name as he trained him to become a Master Thief in his own right. Remy became known as “Le Diable Blanc” (the white devil) among the guild because of his strange red and black eyes, but as he grew older he developed a romantic relationship with Bella, and he was happy. Eventually their fathers arranged a marriage between Remy and Bella to ensure peace between the often rival guilds, to take place when they were of age. His mutant ability for “charging” matter began to manifest when he was around the age of fifteen.

Remy’s growing kinetic abilities proved to be as much curse as blessing at times as they grew in strength, and soon they attracted the attention of the violently anti-mutant Colonel William Stryker. He was hunted down by Stryker’s agents, Victor Creed (later known as Sabertooth) and Fred Dukes, and captured when he was around seventeen. He was taken to Stryker’s secret base at the abandoned nuclear facility on Three Mile Island, where he and the other captive young mutants there were subjected to various tests and experiments.

One of the effects of these experiments resulted in his eyes changing from their distinctive red iris and black sclera to an ordinary looking dark brown that only glowed red when he used his charging abilities.

He was imprisoned there for two years, in which time he used his natural southern charm and his formidable poker skills to build up a sort of rapport with some of the guards, who began calling him ‘Gambit’ as he took all of their money. During one of those poker games, while the more dangerous mutants in Stryker’s employ were away from the island, Gambit used the cards as projectiles and slew the guards. He ran, using his thieving skills and the money he won from the guards to make his way back home to New Orleans and the safety of the LeBeau clan. He was almost twenty at the time.

The time apart and the experiences he’d had during his imprisonment put strain on his relationship with Bella and their marriage, which was supposed to occur when they were eighteen, was postponed. Remy began to settle back into his life in New Orleans, but never lost the fear that Stryker’s men would come looking for him again. He got back into thieving for the Guild and gambling.

At some point perhaps a year later he won a plane in a high-stakes poker game, Jacks over fives. Months later, during another poker game he encountered a man called Logan who was wearing the same sort of dog tags as Creed and Duke. He demanded that Remy take him to the island. Eventually he did and they were successful in breaking up Stryker's operation there, but in the process Logan was injured and lost his memories. Despite this they separated as the authorities approached the island and Remy flew back toward New Orleans alone.

Physical Abilities

Physically, Remy is incredibly fit, which gives him a great deal of strength, speed and stamina. His mutant power may also play a part in that…for example he's managed to take an adamantium-laced elbow to the face and not only return to the fight, but still have a face. He is very experienced at hand-to-hand fighting, he knows and isn’t afraid to use the dirty tricks he’s learned from his life on the street, and he combines his knowledge of down-and-dirty street fighting and acrobatics with high proficiency at French kickboxing, called Savate, and the use of a bo staff. He can be prone though to overconfidence in battle.

Having been trained since childhood, Remy is an accomplished thief. He is very stealthy when he wants to be and can pick locks and pockets with ease. He’s probably reasonably good with disguise as well, he apparently uses false facial hair to make himself look older when he’s playing poker in the bar. That or the continuity person had time off between his scenes.

He is very good with cards. Card tricks, card games, card throwing, you name it. Don’t gamble with him. That’s how he got the name, after all. He probably cheats.

Remy is also a pilot, though that probably won't be terribly useful at the mansion.

Superhuman Abilities

Gambit has the ability to charge any organic matter with kinetic energy as long as he is in skin contact with it, to increase the force with which it would impact and to create explosions proportionate to the size of the object. His favored use for this power is to charge a small object, preferably a playing card, and to throw it at his target. He also charges his bo staff in battle to cause increased damage to his opponent or as an aide to his own acrobatic fighting style, or just pull a Spider-man and climb walls. This ability also somehow serves to create a sort of ‘static’ that completely shields his mind from being read by telepaths.

Unusual or Magical Possessions

A cane with a decorative crystal knob on the end that extends into a full-size bo staff. It's been cut neatly in two and will need repaired.

An abnormally high number of packs of playing cards.

Keys to a plane and a vintage motorcycle that didn't come with him.


Gambit is tall, about 6'1,” with slightly curling brown hair almost to his shoulders and dark eyes that turn red when he’s using his mutant powers. He is young and attractive and can be fastidious about his appearance when it suits him.


On the outside, Remy LeBeau has a confidence at times bordering on arrogance and he can be a terrible flirt. However, his fierce independence conceals a deep distrust of people born from his childhood on the streets of New Orleans and solidified by his experiences being hunted down, imprisoned and experimented on by William Stryker. He can be a bit impulsive and headstrong at times, prone to doing things like attacking when he ought to retreat just to get some of his own back. Or if he’s scared, because he’d rather deal with it as anger. He’s also a bit of a show-off when he’s got his hands on something he’s good at. He’s always doing tricks when he’s got his hands on a deck of cards, and this is probably why his fighting style is so acrobatic. He definitely looks out for number one above all, but his heart’s generally in the right place and if he saw someone in a dangerous spot he’d do what he could. He’s strong-willed and stubborn and doesn’t like to give up at anything, even if it takes a while to accomplish. He managed to escape from Stryker after all, even if it took him two years to do it.


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