Pony Merks

Name: Pony Merks (We aren't sure if it's actually her real name, but everyone calls her 'Pony' anyway and she answers to it.)

Gender: Female

Age: Late twenties/Early Thirties

Fandom: China IL



Quick Biography

China IL is the sort of show that doesn't really have much contiguity, but the typist will try.

The University of China Illinois is known as 'The Worst School in America'. If one ever wonders why, the reasons include: a highly eccentric Dean that may or may not be a professional wrestler part time, VERY weird science over at the Biology department, rampant infighting and rivalries between professors (including those that are brothers), and tons of student death because of these various things. (And honestly, the typist isn't even scraping the surface of the weirdness here.)

In this madness, there's a fairly normal TA called Pony Merks. Most of her history before she before she got the position is unknown, although her reaction to the antics at UCI suggests she may have been a student once.

Physical Abilities

Nothing that a normal teachers assistant can't do. Has a pretty good knowledge of History?

Superhuman Abilities

None, aside from the unflappableness and patience that comes with teaching in UCI and ability to come up with plans on the fly. (This comes with the ability to drink most normal college employees under the table.)

Unusual or Magical Possessions



A woman in her mid to late twenties, Kinda short and chubby with medium to dark tan skin, black shoulder length hair, round dark brown eyes, full lips and a sort of wide set nose. PB is Rosario Dawson.


As her username states, she is the only sane and normal teacher at the EXTRA CRAZY University of China, Illinois. Not only that, she seems to be the only teacher her Department (or hell, the entire campus) that actually knows anything accurate about history and can actually teach. (Although she's a TA to The Professor Brothers, for now.) Despite this, even she isn't above it all at times, UCI is like that.

Suffering from Student Loans, she'll take any opportunity to gain an edge on the ladder, up to and including blackmail.


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RP Canon

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